Goodwill’s mission is to connect Kentucky job seekers through the resources and also services they must find and maintain irreversible employment and also a job path. We serve Kentuckians who have actually disabilities or suffer other obstacles finding success in the workforce, such together criminal backgrounds, language barriers, minimal education, lack of transportation and chronic poverty.

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For much more information, contact 1-844-GWK-WORK (1-844-495-9675).


Goodwill Works

Goodwill is devoted to helping motivated job seekers that need help getting a foot in the door v employers or who might need a second chance in authorized the workforce.

Preparation and opportunity room the keys to success, and we sell a work-related Ready Certificate come graduates that Goodwill’s Soft an abilities Academy. Currently, entrants study and practice six principles that significantly affect the capacity to find and maintain employment: attitude, dispute resolution, dependability, safety, self-presentation and team building.

Further, with partnerships v employers across the state — and by matching job seekers with permanent career coaches — Goodwill is connecting Kentuckians through meaningful avenues to discover a career path and climb the ladder the end of poverty.

For much more information, call 1-844-GWK-WORK (1-844-495-9675) or call the Goodwill works office closest to you:

Louisville metro Area909 E. BroadwayLouisville, KY 40204(502) 585-5221

Lexington Area & central Kentucky130 W. New Circle Rd., Ste. 110Lexington, KY 40505(859) 277-3661

Somerset Area & eastern Kentucky5828 southern Hwy. 27Somerset, KY 42501(606) 561-0359

Bowling eco-friendly Area & western Kentucky1806 U.S. Hwy. 31W BypassBowling Green, KY 42101(270) 781-4930

Pikeville126 Trivette Drive, Suite 104Pikeville, KY 41501(606) 727-5020

Elizabethtown580D Westport RoadElizabethtown, KY 42701(270) 506-4950


Power of work & WIPA

Power of Work

The KentuckianaWorks power of job-related program, activate by Goodwill sectors of Kentucky, matches Kentuckians transitioning off government assistance with employers who need eager, prepared employees. Participants receive job-readiness maintain and assist identifying their an abilities so they have the right to smoothly transition into employment. Our job coaches market one-on-one attention and also support.

Participants have access to:

Job-readiness workshopsWork endure training programVocational assessmentTests of Adult simple Education (TABE)Job survival and success scale

For more information, contact the strength of work-related office:

600 West Cedar St.Louisville, Ky. 40202(502) 388-3010

The power of job-related program is activate by Goodwill sectors of Kentucky, administered by KentuckianaWorks (Greater Louisville’s Workforce advance Board), and funding is listed by the Kentucky Cabinet because that Health and also Family Services.

Participants have accessibility to:

Job-readiness workshopsWork suffer training programVocational assessmentTests the Adult simple Education (TABE)Job survival and success scale

For more information, contact your regional Power of work office:

600 West Cedar St.Louisville, Ky. 40202(502) 388-3010

The power of work-related program is operated by Goodwill sectors of Kentucky, administered through KentuckianaWorks (Greater Louisville’s Workforce advancement Board), and funding is listed by the Kentucky Cabinet because that Health and Family Services.

For me, the many important component of the program was redetermining my focus. Ns was compelled to reevaluate my priorities and stop succumbing come pressure. I finally have a secure income and also am may be to provide for my children. For the an initial time due to the fact that having my son, ns am completely cost-free of government assistance.” -Meghan, power of work graduate


Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA)

The work Incentives Planning and also Assistance (WIPA) program gives benefits counseling assistance to world who obtain Supplemental Security earnings (SSI) and also Social Security handicap Insurance (SSDI).

The counseling assistance is listed by ar Work Incentives Coordinators (CWICs) who have received approved training indigenous the society Security management and a certification through Virginia republic University. WIPA participants space paired with a CWIC who will assist them understand exactly how work will affect their income and also health treatment benefits. They will additionally teach participants just how to use work incentives come return to occupational to increase their jae won self-sufficiency.

Who is eligible because that WIPA?

Anyone in between 14 years old and also full retirement ageBeneficiaries who have a disability and also receive SSI and/or SSDIThose working, interested in return to work or enhancing employment

Services provided:

Individualized short- and also long-term services planning and also management solutions so beneficiaries recognize what they should report come the society Security administration when lock work, including just how to report wage and also other info to the social Security management and exactly how to access and use the society Security administration and various other federal, state and local job-related incentives programs.Referral to employment-support services and troubleshooting benefits concerns related come working and the return-to-work process.Presentations to beneficiaries, your supports and providers around the Supplemental security Income and Social Security impairment Insurance programs and also work incentives.Outreach come beneficiaries and their supports around WIPA services and how to accessibility us.

What do we require from participants?

WIPA provides beneficiaries and also their supports through benefits evaluation and job-related incentives information certain to your situation and employment goals. Participants will certainly be asked to provide verification of existing benefits, including kind of advantage received, associated health care coverage and verification of various other public benefits obtained (i.e. Food stamps, section 8 housing or other rental assistance).

Verification of services is crucial to the services WIPA provides. Us cannot give you and also your support accurate, individualized information without understanding what girlfriend receive, whether you’ve used job-related incentives in the past and whether added factors could impact work-related decisions as they called to your benefits.

Kentucky counties served:

Counties in Kentucky: Adair, Allen, Anderson, Barren, Bath, Bell, Boone, Bourbon, Boyd, Boyle, Bracken, Breathitt, Campbell, Carroll, Carter, Casey, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Cumberland, Elliott, Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Floyd, Franklin, Gallatin, Garrard, Grant, Green, Greenup, Harlan, Harrison, Hart, Henry, Jackson, Jessamine, Johnson, Kenton, Knott, Knox, Larue, Laurel, Lawrence, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Lewis, Lincoln, Madison, Magoffin, Marion, Martin, Mason, McCreary, Menifee, Mercer, Metcalfe, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Nelson, Nicholas, Oldham, Owen, Owsley, Pendleton, Perry, Pike, Powell, Pulaski, Robertson, Rockcastle, Rowan, Russell, Scott, Shelby, Spencer, Taylor, Trimble, Warran, Washington, Wayne, Whitley, Wolfe, Woodford

This file is funded with a social Security participating agreement. Although Social protection reviewed this document for accuracy, the does no constitute an main Social protection communication.

Kentucky Youth job Center

The Kentucky Youth Career center (KYCC) gives services for out-of-school youth eras 18-24 in 6 Kentucky counties — Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble — in coordination through adult education programs and numerous neighborhood partners. The program concentrates on 3 areas:

Improving straightforward skills and also earning secondary school credentialsEnrolling in progressed training and supporting participants’ completionFinding and also keeping employment

KYCC serves youths who room interested in summer employment, year-round employment or earning second school credentials. KYCC participants can take a job an abilities workshop and also are understood “certified work-ready” through the effective completion that a mock interview. Payment internships are accessible through KYCC and incentives deserve to be earn by perfect job and education goals. KYCC attendees may likewise be eligible for supportive solutions for work or institution up come $600.

KYCC is headquartered in Shepherdsville (Bullitt County) with an additional office in Shelbyville (Shelby County). Walk-ins are accepted as well as referrals native public school systems, adult education and learning programs or other neighborhood partners and also agencies. To receive services, participants have to be standard under the workforce Innovation and also Opportunity act (WIOA).

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For an ext information, contact:

Funding for the Kentucky Youth Career facility is noted by the U.S. Room of Labor, v the Kentucky Education and also Workforce development Cabinet, administered by KentuckianaWorks (Greater Louisville’s Workforce advance Board) and also operated by Goodwill industries of Kentucky.