I love man shit. The much more ridiculous the shit, the happier ns am. I completely did not intend the forthcoming pun, i beg your pardon is to say, the its no pun intended. You've acquired to evaluate that Mr. Cheeks-level turn of expression right there.*

The pun? glad you asked. In Omarion's latest hit song, "Post come Be" featuring chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, Ms. Aiko the the ironically title "The Worst" fame spits this exorbitant line: "but the gotta eat the booty like groceries…"

Oh Jhene.

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Before we relocate on to the absurdity of said lyric - I contend that it doesn't actually job-related - I'd prefer the congregation to rotate to the book of SayHeffaSayWhat and also take a minute to evaluate the grammar assasination that taken place on the really title of the song. "Post to Be" is a shortened version of "Supposed come Be". I've watched niggas to speak " 'posed come be", but "Post" is some new level fuckery. That's Twitter stupidity on mountain remixed with every little thing Tyrese ever learned in his elementary institution in Watts. In fact, I believe the kind of motherfucker that would think "post" works in the title likewise doesn't establish its dumb-dumb nigga short hand because that 'supposed'. For them "post" is a constant ass word increase there through 'pacifically' for specifically. Be that together it may, I'm a better person today due to the fact that there is a song out there referred to as "Post to Be". And believe the or not, you room too. I have nothing to back this up with by the way. Juvenile.

Let's get back to eat booty prefer groceries and also whether or not the analogy works. Due to the fact that what kind of man would i be, if i didn't eat grooooooooooceries.

Impressive lines choose this manifest in among two ways: 1) girlfriend randomly to speak shit choose that in a minute of unsobriety and realize you're sitting on a goldmine and you regulate to craft an entire verse roughly the capacity to usage that one line; or 2) you're simply trying to uncover a word the rhymes with everything else the crap you simply said and well, this is what happens. Watch the career of Young Jeezy who has actually eschewed so much conventional lab shit and just began rhyming shit through itself.

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Oh Jeezy.

I ventured to Wikipedia where, amazingly, over there is an entire paragraph devoted to how Jhene Aiko come up with said line in "Post to Be":

Omarion sent the tune to Aiko questioning if she would certainly make an figure on the track, Aiko agreed due to her friendship with Omarion, Aiko began "playing v the happiness scheme" and also states that the lyric "Post come Be" reminded her of rapper Kevin entrances Vines, in i beg your pardon he would certainly talk around "booty". Complying with this Aiko began writing with long time collaborator Micah Powell, throughout the writing Aiko says to Powell; 'Whatever us say, ns really want to say something around eating the booty.' that keeps speak in the Vines—'You ’posed come eat the booty.'"<4>

There room a couple of things of note in this paragraph: 1) Anything influenced by Kevin gates is normally a bad idea. This is, after all, a man who discovered out he to be fucking his cousin and also said he would certainly continue since the pussy was also good.  Then there's the totality "she won't punch my dog"  thing, actual or not. But hell, with Kevin Gates…anything is possible. The suggest is, being motivated by noþeles Kevin entrances is law starts you out behind the game. Hehehe. An additional pun. Because booty. Because groceries. 2) who the fuck access time the notepad and says, "yo, no matter what goes in this verse, something around eating the booty requirements to be in there…that's the shit I need in the Library the Congress because that an eternity"? Oh. Jhene Aiko apparently. 3) the took 2 MOTHERFUCKERS come COME UP through THAT? holy fuckcakes. Actual spit…T-Boz proved that fail was a real thing with her acting in Belly, and also Jhene Aiko proves that being successful occasionally is purely about being at the right location at the right time. Babyface she is not.

So currently we know how we acquired here, let's take a look at the actuality of the all. Look, I understand what she meant. Groceries equates to food come 99 percent that people. So she's saying, eat the booty prefer you're eat food. And to be fair, there's miscellaneous magical about saying "booty" and "groceries" in the very same line. It's the sort of lyric the sticks to your ribs, ya know. Shit, if someone was eating your booty and also you didn't yell out "groceries" I'd call that a fail. There's almost never not a good time to yell "groceries" if we're gift honest. Basketball? Check. Sex? Check. Booty eating? Check. Raise in ~ work? Check. Successful oil change? Check. Effective indiegogo campaign? Check. The list really is endless.

Hell, I just yelled out "groceries" right now due to the fact that I hit enter. If i could adjust the "enter" vital to speak "groceries" I'd yell out "groceries", struggle the "groceries" crucial and then say thats exactly how it's short article to be.

I just won the game.

Delving additional into the groceries though, is that even really the BEST way to eat the booty? ns mean, groceries, by definition, space actually item you have the right to purchase from a grocer. However that could mean anything. If i go come the grocery store and I buy, let's say, butter, can I eat the booty choose butter? most likely not. First off, perform not just eat butter by itself. You will certainly die. Your arteries will come the end up out of her chest like Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy and also choke you…and then you will certainly die.

Bacon? Eat the booty prefer bacon? That could work. World devour bacon with their fingers and all. And also if you're going come eat the booty, you much better be going for the gold, ya know. There's no method to eat the booty where you can gain away through half-assing it. Gotdammit. Another pun. Ns didn't even shot that time. You gain it.

But probably bacon works, yet like, a grape tomato go not. You just toss that in your mouth and chew. You room not tossing a prey in her mouth and chewing. You just aren't. Possibly though, you could eat the loot like, one Italian ice cup whereby you recognize you need to scoop out the flavored ice however let's say you reduce your hardwood scoop ~ above the ground and you simply missed the three-second preeminence so you can't use it anymore, so you have actually to shot to eat the icy through your finger and also moving shit around and also scooping the up with your tongue and…well you watch where I'm going through this.

Point is, the analogy doesn't work universally even though I understand what she means. I think the magic, but it falls flat top top execution. It's not narrow sufficient in that scope.

Analogy? Fail.

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But, top top a technicality the pure joy, that wins the game. So continue to eat the booty like groceries if that's your chosen method to carry out so. Panama says its okay.

Yes. I just wrote end 1,200 words talking about eating the booty like groceries. Yet you just read that so…


*Because some of you have no idea what I'm talk about, I'm making a reference to Mr. Cheeks city on the tune "Renee" where he raps, "she stated she wants to be a lawyer/ in various other words, shorty research studies law…"