“The department proceeds to strive because that excellence and professionalism and also this would not be feasible without the hard working men and also women of the cool Haven department of publicly Safety.”


Lieutenant Lee Adams commands the to work Division. The Operations division is comprised of the Patrol unit and Code Enforcement unit.

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Operations Supervisors

Lieutenant Lee Adams

GHDPS continues to complement its road patrol work force in the summer time when speak to volumes increase. With the efforts of many trained officers, residents and visitors alike, are most likely to check out uniformed police officers patrolling the downtown and waterfront areas on bicycles or ~ above foot.

These types of patrols permit for quicker an answer in the event of heavy traffic or overfilled areas. It additionally gives department members a greater opportunity to make personal contacts and also interact with the public.

Code Enforcement

The code Enforcement Unit is composed of one Public security Officer. This position is shared between the Public safety Department and the to plan Division. Right now Officer Todd DeVries is assigned to this position. Officer DeVries spends fifty percent of his mainly assisting the Building/Planning division and the other half of his time is committed to working as a Public security Officer on road patrol.

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For extr information on code enforcement ordinances, please go to our Ordinance page.