The 1 hour horseback rides in Pacific City ~ above the begin at ours beachfront ar in the love of Pacific City. In ~ a pair minutes the waves of the Pacific ocean will it is in crashing towards you as you make your right into Bob Straub State Park. As soon as it is time to twin back we revolve up into the Sand Dunes that provide awesome see of the park interior. The journey goes ago to the waters edge because that the house stretch. Eco-friendly Acres beach & trace Rides in Pacific City is Ranked #1 things to perform in Pacific City every TripAdvisor

This journey is for every levels that experience.

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$105 every rider


Camel Rides !
Come accomplish Calvin and Frank in ~ our coral in Pacific City. Take it a journey on a actual Camel, get a great photo through the Haystack rock in the background.

All eras welcome and you can twin up

No reservations needed

$15 every rider


The Park Tour
Our 2 hour Park tourism caters to the much more experienced riders that room looking for more than a relaxing drive on the beach. This ride will certainly leave the waters sheet early and also head in the direction of the Nestucca river and also follow it all nearly all the method to the finish of the spit. Then us head up right into the dunes. The dunes are much steeper there and the equines love to operation up and also down them. In ~ this point you can pick to remain up ~ above the dunes or head back down come the waters sheet or simply do both !

This ride is aligned for proficient riders only and reservations should be made end the phone. Please speak to 541-418-2313.

$235 per rider


The Proposal Rides
Looking for that perfect chance to popular music the concern ?

​We have actually the plan, and also it has actually never failed yet...

On a coast Dune overlooking the iconic Haystack absent in Pacific City!

We can aid you make it i can not forget !

We likewise offer private Rides, availability is minimal during the peak season and must it is in made over the phone. Please contact 541-418-2313

It is essential to know that we often have more availability and flexibility climate the virtual booking mirrors in order to allow for unexpected circumstances and also last minute reservations. If her party does not fit you re welcome just offer us a call and we will carry out our finest to accommodate her party.

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Weather is a major factor when honoring rides booked online specifically in the off-season. It"s constantly wise to contact us by phone a few days before the reserved ride.

If you have the need to change your reservation we are really flexible just provide us a call at 541-418-2313


Typical drive Times

10:30 to be 12pm 1:30pm 3pm and 4:30pm