At The Naz, you will immediately be invited by a familiar face,casual environment, and people who space excited to check out you.

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On the weekends, each service lasts a little over an hour. You deserve to expect to hear thought provoking and also engaging messages, high-energy worship and funteaching for your kids.

There is a many of good information ~ above this site, yet we additionally realize that info is not necessarily what will readjust your life or her circumstances, so know that there is someone at The Naz who is willing to talk. You are only a call call, one email, or one in-person visit far from speaking with someone who has experienced the aid and hope the Christ can bring into your life. We’re pan of creativity and also biblical truth and also we present them in relevant methods that use to everyday life. Us look front to the privilege of sharing life in addition to you.


The Naz stance on racial Reconciliation

“Love your neighbor together yourself, there is no commandment higher than these.” – mark 12:31 (NIV)


Click here to check out our view on racial reconciliation.Follow this connect for a list of recommended books on racial injustice.

NextGen & Youth
Ministry Teams

Connecting through You...

Whether your need is spiritual , physical, emotional, or relational –we are right here to help you take it your following steps.

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One time, Jesus common His high value inserted on tiny ones when He said, “Let the small children involved me and also do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

- Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

Connecting Families

Creating age-level experiences that partner with family members to aid children & students take it their next step towards Jesus Christ.

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We have actually the exorbitant calling the caring for God’s kids and ensuring the they are being awakened to that God is. The Naz is house to NextGen (Early Childhood and Elementary) and Naz YTH (pre, mid, and high). We are below to make certain church is a location for all kids and all families. Your children and also teens have the opportunity, transparent the week, to flourish relationships v each other and with God.


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Whether your require is spiritual, physical, emotional, or relational – we are right here to aid you take your following steps.Download our app today!


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