This was the episode when we finally addressed some of Zoey’s real problems. Ns was so happy. Zoey obtained checked by Luca, Junior, and my dawg Aaron and I was right here for it!



Zoey’s beginning monologue is about beefs and how they can end so easily. Then she goes and also drinks residence girl Ana’s milk. Sis is being extra petty and also Ana’s simply taking it. Ns felt so negative for her.

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After the disrespect, Zoey goes end to Luca’s come “apologize.” It was the emptiest “I’m sorry” I’ve ever heard. Then she gives Luca a hug that he most definitely doesn’t reciprocate. And she starts banging on his door choose it’s miscellaneous serious.

Luca speak her the “the people doesn’t start and stop v Zoey Johnson” and also I felt that. She needed to listen it, also if it got in one ear and out the other. Climate he told she he still needed his time in the chillest method possible.


Zoey feels favor she’s been curved by her very own boyfriend and she speak her house girls around it, pointedly minus Ana. Jazz and also Sky define to she the difference in between being curved and a complete on diss, which is what she got.

Nomi chimes in the lil’ Lenny Kravitz has had enough and also she it s okay a message from her professor. Then she starts walk off about hurting people’s feelings and also the girls are genuine confused. Sky and Jazz make some sly jokes and Zoey tries come ask who Nomi’s texting yet she doesn’t tell them. Then Zoey starts questioning for praise for being a kind friend. Periodically I’m just over it through this girl.

Sky goes off on a tangent around how to win Luca ago with an overlapping pea-coat. Jazz provides her some real advice and tells her to basically act favor she doesn’t care so Luca will come back to her. The girls setup on hitting the local bar, but as soon as Nomi mentions that Ana will certainly be there, Zoey go off and decides to remain at house watching “Floribama Shore.”

Nomi sends out Zoey a photo of Luca at Titanium, the ar the girl went to. Zoey decides to make her enntrance gate after all, however she can’t go alone. So, she hits up her brother to be her wingman. He is wayyy as well excited about this.


Sky is every up on small immediately. She tells Nomi to gain up simply so he deserve to sit beside her. Luca comes end to Zoey if she’s ordering a drink and also compliments she outfit. Then as soon as she asks if he wants to gain something come eat, he’s basically similar to nah.

Jazz provides Zoey another talk about being a savage to obtain the power in the relationship. She pipeline the team as soon as Doug tells Jazz to come over and also yet she’s the one with the power.

Luca comes end to examine on Zoey prior to he heads out and she tries placing Jazz’s advice into action. She’s therefore weird around the entirety thing. She takes the “act choose you don’t care” thing means too literally and Luca decides that doesn’t have actually the time or power to resolve it. He heads out and also leaves Zoey feeling like Boo Boo the Fool.

Aaron goes end to Ana, who’s sitting all alone, to shot talking to her. He speak her the he feels negative that Ana’s the one taking the brunt of all this drama. He provides to gain her something but she’s quiet worried around Zoey’s hurt feelings. She walks away and Aaron’s feeling pretty hurt due to the fact that he yes, really does like Ana.


Zoey’s map gets decreased while she’s trying to me medicate through some alcohol. Choose I stated last week, she has other points she requirements to be worried about. Aaron payment for she drink and also she tells him the she’ll pay him earlier but then he access time her with that “do you desire to be through me?” i was similar to “huh.”

While Zoey’s over here stuttering, Aaron go off. He speak her the if she’s already over him, climate she needs to let walk of this petty beef. The goes as far as saying the she’s not the one who started it (which ns beg to differ) but she needs to be the one to finish it. Then he go off like a G.

Doug offers Jazz his coat and says he can come end later. Climate she tells him he have the right to come over any type of time. I miss out on those 2 together, they were so cute. I’m simply wondering exactly how things will certainly be if lock really carry out get earlier together.


Jazz and Junior ended up dancing together while this whole situation was going down. They seem to it is in really feeling each other and Junior asks Zoey for a condom in the cringiest means possible. She just obtained low vital curved by Luca again and she’s no feeling this Jazz/Sky pairing.

Junior sits to have a real talk through Zoey. She tells him what’s up and also he provides her some advice that she actually ends up taking. The calls her the end on she empty promises and also gets she seeing points from Luca’s perspective.


Nomi talked about to she professor’s ar to talk things out. Turns out, she professor has real feelings because that her and also wants to do this an really thing. They finish up make out. Again, why is she with her professor?

Zoey gives Ana a actual apology and also a brand-new pint that milk. Ana take away it without a second thought and also the girls space all girlfriend buddy again. The next morning, she talks to Luca again and he takes the this time. They great or whatever.

The last scene is Luca hanging out at Zoey’s ar with her. Aaron come in v his date shirt and Luca’s not mad in ~ it. Ana is spring real great for this date. Zoey is means too into this relationship at this point, acting choose a full mama.

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This episode basically revolved roughly Zoey yet I wasn’t all the mad about it. We ultimately got to check out Zoey deal with her troubles like a rather adult and that provides things a tiny better. I’m just happy this small behind beef is over. It to be so unnecessary.

I think Ana took this whole thing method too hard. She was looking favor a sad boy every time she remained in the same room together Zoey.

Nomi requirements to protect against messing around with she professor and also that’s all I need to say around that.

Sky and also Junior together? I’m not mad in ~ it. I’m just a little surprised because Junior is a small younger than them, yet I guess that’s not a big deal because that her.

Are you feeling this Sky/Junior pairing?

How carry out you feel around Nomi and also her professor hooking up again?

Do girlfriend agree v what Aaron had actually to say to Zoey?

Am ns the only one weirded the end by Zoey’s brand-new obsession through Ana and Aaron’s relationship?

Do girlfriend feel like Ana forgave Zoey as well quickly?

Where was Vivek?

How did you feel about this week’s episode?

What perform you think will happen Wednesday?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!