I"m getting an error message once attempting to buy the Avenger on Warstock during the sale appropriate now. 

"Transaction failed since price data is invalid"

It recommends i restart the game, yet that doesn"t work and I"ve had actually this error for an ext than a day. I"ve additionally verified video game files.

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I have a facility, despite if ns need much more than the base facility allow me know. The error article leads me come think the isn"t the concern though.

Anyone know of a resolve for this? 




Posted January 8, 2020(edited)

It"s a rockstar mistake, no matter exactly how much friend verify or reinstall, the game will continue.


For fifty percent a year the game on PC has actually been left and also I spent 4 months waiting for a patch because with the new launcher the game closed every 10 or 20 minutes.

Edited January 8, 2020 by INV///
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Transaction failed since price data is invalid
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