All credits and also thanks to /u/AetherRose because that the consistent Tier/Ranking information. An excellent job man!! including videos currently for the EX Skills, it's quiet time-consuming therefore it might take some time to have actually it all.

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Hi C4sk1 -

Your tier list is improperly crediting where you gained those tiers from. Please upgrade to credit GamePress and also AetherRose for the tiers. Edit - i view you have readjusted that now.

I choose this page. I still struggle to watch an right list of all finest parts. But its getting better

Thanks man! try sorting by rank/tier. It ain't perfect sort yet however it will offer you the S parts. Also the search bar is useful, i use that a lot. Friend can kind all the unit name you desire in over there separated by space.

Sorry if my tip is too much work, is it possible to make a gunpla stats calculator, favor we choose all the parts we desire then calculation the gunpla's full stats once max leveled, I'm certain that helps alot of human being in regards to their future builds

I in reality made one in a google sheet based on one the the item lists its supervisor rough yet interesting the stats room total*(wordtag+wordtag+wordtag)*pilotjob

Hehe i'm actually planning on including that in the future. For currently though im trying to do this site much more useable, particularly the tier sorting. A builder or calc is nice despite if there's a way to purchase parts except of randomly obtaining them :D

No man that would really be awesome. I'll offer it a shot but for now im tho making the site much more useable particularly the tire sorting. A builder or calculator though is nice if over there is a way to buy specific parts and also not randomly obtaining them hehe

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Love the site and how simple it is to use, yet the tier sorting appears to be inconsistent sometimes. As soon as I sort head components it goes S > D > C > B > A

Im only allowing it to kind 1 way for now. If you sort for head the will sort the heads alphabetically not by rank. I will keep working on the tier sorting, im still thinking of a means to do it. Thanks man!