So numerous things occur “yesterday” that us don’t act on. “Yesterday”, ns re-read a bother Potter fanfic… the took two yesterdays to finish. So “yesterday”, as soon as I realized that it would certainly make a an excellent seed for an additional themed repertoire of fanfic recommendations, ns acted ~ above it… but ereyesterday, ns had already made a write-up (and I wanted to usage “ereyesterday”), so I chose to hold-up this through a pair of days.

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Enough stunner word-play. Today’s perform is my favourite “Harry Potter dumped right into some crossover future world” fics.

In most of these, the general plot will certainly be “Harry winds up in a future there is no wizards and, as one of his goals, tries to bring magic back.”

As before, this mix that quality and following a theme method that each entry will epitomize some specific combination, so much more than one entry per fandom will be the exemption in this list. (To be fair, often due to the fact that finding any great fics is difficult.)

Best the the Best

Browncoat, green Eyes by nonjonLength: 298,538 WordsStatus: CompleteCrossover: Firefly/SerenityThis time, I determined to placed the best first.Having defeated multiple dark lords over the food of his life, once Harry Potter outlived his wife and also decided to alleviate his boredom by putting himself into stasis, bound come the Weasley family line, he never ever expected to awake to a world where earth has to be abandoned, and a muggle descendant that would make Percy Weasley proud inherited the ring.He timeless escapes from the federal government that believed he could be a valuable tool to look for out this flow Tam, discover the truth for himself, and determine what came to be of the wizarding world.This is a nonjon fic, therefore it’s acquired some really fun and an imaginative stuff come it, both in the world-building and also the wit, I’d recommend it to anyone.Harry Potter: Geth through mjimeygLength: 276,717 WordsStatus: CompleteCrossover: massive EffectThis fic is a bit hard to classify. It’s obtained a bit of fix-fic come it, in the the advent of Harry renders the mass Effect series play out in a more favourable way, however it doesn’t really have that minimal appeal because that me that most fix-fics have.That said, ns still reap it sufficient that I’ve re-read that a couple of times… the very nice is just too diffusive to put my finger top top a single thing i like about it.The basic premise is that, throughout the final fight with Voldemort, Hermione hit Harry with an obscure luck spell, just to later find that it doesn’t necessarily bring good luck for the one it uses to. As a result, an interaction in between Voldemort and also Harry’s spells sends out him come a point 400 meters above the surface ar of Rannoch. The Geth proceed to pull their very own Lazarus Project and also recruit him together their emissary.Entertaining personality interactions, part enjoyable OCs, and Harry’s “saving human being thing” ensue.Gods amongst Us by arturusLength: 189,956 WordsStatus: IncompleteCrossover: Battlestar Galactica (2003) v Stargate: SG-1 comes in very lateThe very first chapter the this post-Hogwarts fic starts with Hermione Granger, apprentice curse-breaker, asking Harry to help excavate a tomb where, true come his luck, harry reveals an undiscovered i by accidentally speak parseltongue when he flippantly says “Typical, eh lads?” to a pair of line carvings.What follows is the exploration of a mothballed Furling ship, the inadvertently awakening of the onboard A.I., a startled attempt to apparate out, one emergency jump calculation by the A.I. To protect against resonances in the jump drive from resulting in a catastrophic explosion, the resulting fail the geriatric contents in many vital systems, and a Harry and Hermione, left unconscious but alive by life support failure, gift picked increase by a patrol from among the making it through ships outside Galactica’s refuge fleet.As with any type of well-structured fic, this setup doesn’t extend beyond the very first chapter and also Harry and Hermione wake up to find themselves stranded with humans not that Earth and a delivery nobody knows how to repair.After a calm resolution to an early stage misunderstanding, that is made decision that they will be offered a location on the ship and also keep a low profile if they try to uncover a means home… a arrangement that goes the end the window when one emergency pressures them to usage their magic in level sight to save three people’s lives.I really choose the rather distinct feel of just how it integrates Harry and Hermione right into things, however I love how, rather than being a story where Harry and Hermione take front and also centre stage in the early american drama, they simply serve an essential role in a much deeper narrative where the cylons and figures from a depth lore room the main characters for once.I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s yes with reading unfinished stories. (With the caveat that the an initial chapter needlessly uses bad Harry Potter clichés so, if don’t like those, you might want to simply start reading from thing 2 and also treat the synopsis I wrote as thing 1. Friend won’t miss anything important.)The Voyage residence by KinsfireLength: 56,505Status: CompleteFandom: Star Trek (pre-Voyager and Voyager)During the battle in the room of Mysteries, harry breathes in a fill of dust indigenous shattered time turners. That wakes increase in 2358, wherein he discovers the muggles have replicated miscellaneous magical impacts via technology, prompting the state of secrecy to lastly fall, and also that wizards and witches have even founded their very own colony, new Londinium.However, in spite of all that, over there is still hope the he will certainly be reunited with his friends. Records show that the somehow returned to the past… a future previous which the decides is ideal brought about by perfect his education and learning on new Londinium, climate joining Starfleet Academy.…he winds up offer on Voyager once it gets pulled into the Delta Quadrant.This is an additional story favor Harry Potter: Geth in that there aren’t really any scenes or aspects I can point to together being amazing… it’s simply a worthwhile read with an amazing idea for the romantic subplot. (The continuous “benign Moriarty incident” through the Hermione hologram from his re-creation the Hogwarts.)That said, it does have actually two far-ranging flaws that need to be mentioned:First, in the at an early stage parts the Harry’s time ~ above Voyager, it’s also eager to use “Harry cause canon personalities to do canon things” or “Harry prevents a canon story arc” as a lazy means to hurry come the meat the the story and that gets irritating.Second, Kinsfire’s capability to write a high-quality Star Trek story seem directly proportional to how much the plot ranges itself native canon events.(In fact, provided how quality dips as soon as Voyager comes into the picture, then progressively climbs earlier up, I obtain the impression that Kinsfire underestimate the initiative required to keep recycled aspects interesting.)Also, the story spent sufficient time ~ above the setup in between “Harry arrives in the future” and also “Harry is stationed ~ above Voyager” because that me to gain a feel for what it would have actually been favor if the totality fic followed that “generalized Star Trek story, no intersecting with canon events” sample …and I’d have liked come see how that development could have actually done together a complete, Voyager-free fic.All in all, at times, that was complicated deciding even if it is to put this at the bottom the the “best” or the peak of the “runners-up” however the deciding aspect was just how transient the parts I object to are and how unfair it would be to penalize a story for my attachment to one more story that can have sprung indigenous the exact same beginning.Harry’s Trek by kb0Length: 66,125 WordsStatus: CompleteCrossover: Star Trek: The next GenerationHere’s the story to review if you desire a “Harry on the Enterprise” story that’s just normally good. No brilliant bits that philosophical understanding or genius bits the world-building… simply a great fic.The setup is simple. A wormhole dumps Harry and also a bisected Voldemort’s human body on the leg of the Enterprise, fresh from the battle for Hogwarts, simply in time because that Harry to express relief at Voldemort’s state and also pass out.What happens following proceeds in a relatively Star Trek fashion. Medical scans and also later conversation expose that, in this story, wizards’ and witches’ bodies room saturated v anaphasic radiation and also expect come replenish their offers from Earth’s ambient field. Bother keeps magic an enig but, v the OK from Troi, the crew and some enjoyably-done OCs start to befriend him.The story then can be viewed in two phases: Revealing Harry’s magic come others, and also finding that a new norm to settle into.The previous is started when the Borg show up to try to reclaim Picard and, rather than just let Picard self-destruct the enterprise to prevent its assimilation, Harry chooses to break secrecy through apparating over and also catching the Borg by surprise by shooting the strongest curse he deserve to at some components which look type of prefer the people Geordi verified him in engineering.The latter, as soon as Harry start to kind a relationship developing with a half-Klingon, half-Romulan girl ~ he saves her life when a damaged emergency forcefield generator gives out.My memories of the details of Star Trek characterization have had close to twenty years to fade and also I never ever saw many episodes of The following Generation to start with, so ns can’t judge just how in-character people are, but I discovered this an enjoyable read, therefore I’d suggest that you provide this a shot and draw your very own conclusions if this an overview interests you.


The Forever Mage by Darth MarrsLength:
102,957 WordsStatus: CompleteCrossover: Star Trek: The next GenerationThis is a story you’ll either love or hate.On the one hand, it’s the just Star Trek fic I deserve to remember i m sorry acknowledges the macro-level social commentary natural in the historic progression that the Star Trek universe… but, top top the various other hand, it’s a fairly heavy-handed polygamous shipfic with some harry Potter clichés in it.The simple plot is that, in the years complying with the ST:TNG movies, a young lady and her three friends room left a last request by she adoptive grandmother, a mrs so old that no one knows just how old she really was. That request? please go come a remote location in Scotland which to be bombed throughout the eugenik wars and also perform a ritual to “memorialize the happen of the critical of a bloodline”.“Naturally”, what outcomes upon calling soon “The mr of the Light” is a young, naked, amnesiac take care of Potter who must shot to uncover his identity and the nature the the weird abilities the knows exactly how to use, yet not why.In the process, he will begin awakening the magic within five young women and Beverly Crusher, help the Federation rediscover and also memorialize a lost chapter in the story the the Eugenics wars (that Colonel green was actually a squib that the Greengrass line and also wizarding genocide to be his goal), and begin the long, difficult task of happen a forget branch that humanity’s evolution back from extinction.Flawed as it is, I appreciate the author’s world-building and I especially love the artistry of the scene at the battle memorial. There’s a spark to this story that feels like, with help from the appropriate authors, it could have get an impression into an additional Browncoat, environment-friendly Eyes.The following Lord that Kobol through jbernLength: 104,608 WordsStatus: IncompleteCrossover: Battlestar Galactica (2003)This is a story through a many potential, but both its failure pacing and also how tiny progress has actually been made on the story arc avoid it from being taken into consideration for anything however runner-up.The simple plot is “Harry wastes 6 chapters ~ above what should have been one, then he gets thrown with the veil and finds self on Caprica wherein the really story starts and he has actually to build a life for himself while do the efforts to likewise prepare for a vague threat he was warned about.”My advice is to review the scene wherein Harry summons Athena via the resurrection stone at the finish of thing 4 (for context), then start reading from the latter half of thing 6 onward. The way, you acquire what a professional editor would certainly have reduced down to a prologue and first chapter. (It’s merely not acceptable to waste an entire very first act precious of text before the driving conflict shows up and also things finally take on the kind the rest of the story will follow.)If friend skip every one of the needlessly verbose setup, this is one engaging fic about Harry living in the nests in the decade up to once canon would have the cylons attack. Together a “decent fic focusing on pre-annihilation colonies” life mixed with “Harry Potter in a sci-fi setting”, I quite enjoy it.

…and, in case anyone’s quiet wondering, here’s why ns didn’t encompass these fics which represent or save on computer memorable HP crosses for their particular fandoms…

dunuelos‘s Lone Traveler series: They’re theme-based fix-fic drabble anthologies.etc.

…not come mention, none really have the feel ns was walking for.

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Recommended “Harry Potter in Sci-Fi Settings” fics by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a an imaginative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 global License.