KEVIN C. SHELLY//tacoemojishirt.comThe whole length of the festival along Gemantown avenue in Chetnut Hill was clotted v people, so lot so that part blocks compelled shuffling, not walking, to move along.

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While enterprise tried come cope through the crowd, some just offered up.

Iron Hill Brewery at an initial posted the wait time because that a table. But quickly they merely posted: “Sorry, we’re full,” turning people away from also waiting because that a table.

The Philadelphia publish Shop’s owner, Dan Cresswell, coped by marketing specially commissioned maps v a Hogwarts-theme that Chestnut Hill, the neighborhood which organized the festival.

While over there were several window-shoppers looking in ~ his antique prints, much more than 100 civilization bought a Potter-inspired map.

He marketed them outside his 40-year-old store as a means of dealing with the crowds.

Anthony and also Shari Borneo and their 2 sons, Tyler and Noah, traveled an ext than an hour from Hopatcong, brand-new Jersey.

The guys were enthused. Anthony to be coping. And Shari to be fervently wishing she was in other places – also though she’s fine v the Wizarding human being of bother Potter design template park in Florida.

“I could treatment less,” stated Shari as her family regrouped outside a closeup of the door business. “I was aggravated by the crowds and also I want to kill,” she claimed after the family’s first slog under the avenue. “I would choose to it is in home.”

As aggravations, she mentioned lines that blocked the way and didn’t budge, lacking or unreachable characters for selfies and also an “astronomical” line for a souvenir mug the went on. And on. And on.

But Tyler, 11, was all set for an ext despite the crowds and not being able come do everything they’d hoped for because of the crowds.

“I’ve love Harry Potter since second grade,” he enthused as Shari rolled her eyes.

She was preparing to walk come a nearby quidditch video game – favor lacrosse on broomsticks. She had actually thought she might get a bus ride to the field – yet couldn’t.

A security guard claimed she’d to be told by many that the festival to be far much more crowded and seemingly less prepared than in past years.

She also said the overall complaint to be the festival was not organized well enough to cope through the slim numbers.

In solution to a call for comment, the Chestnut Hill organization District, the sponsor the the event, ceded the complying with statement from Martha Sharkey, its executive, management director.

“The Chestnut Hill harry Potter Festival is a ar fan festival that has actually organically grown end the past six years," Sharkey said. "Based ~ above the attendance that the 2015 festival, the Chestnut Hill organization District made every initiative to accommodate the needs of our visitors, consisting of closing under our main thoroughfare (Germantown Avenue) while elevating entertainment and also food choices for our guests.

"We space amazed the this totally free festival in our little community has attracted such interest and also so countless fans, and also are thankful to everyone that joined us this weekend," she added. "As the festival simply wrapped, we space reviewing the in its entirety visitor experience and also will be sure to take into factor to consider all feedback because that future events." 

Beverly Minton, that was functioning at the Chestnut Hill Flower and Garden stand, about two blocks down the avenue native the festival, stated the festival had actually killed her business.

“I had actually maybe 5 customers. I sold two pumpkins. Zero mums. A couple of civilization wanted to recharge their phones or use our bathroom.

“Two want to usage my phone’s GPS. One group sat ~ above the benches in front of mine display. Two asked me come take your picture. We took in maybe $75 all day,” she said.

She likewise sold one woman 2 apples she didn’t want to have wrapped.

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“She’d had actually a panic strike in the crowd and wanted something she could eat best away. She to buy them to eat and also calm down,” said Minton.