Amid the filters and also pretentious posts on society media, yes one lover potato it is spilling the end bitter-sweet truths around life. The Bangalore based UX designer and also illustrator, Harsh Gopal is the mastermind behind “Truth Potato”.

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Let’s recognize it, everyone loves potatoes, no issue in which form. A potato dropping truth bombs about life is just a cherry ~ above top. Harsh trust that civilization relate to visuals much better than native and intends to spread messages with his quirky illustrations.

Read on more to discover out what Harsh needs to say around him potate-ing indigenous his inner wisdom.


Where perform you draw inspiration for your comics, and also what perform you great to convey v them?

I seek catalyst from anywhere and also everywhere. If girlfriend look round, there are thousands that inspirational quotes out there, however not numerous take lock seriously. The entirety idea was to put forth this truths and also advices that world wouldn’t accept otherwise.

As an artist, you must have functioned on several exciting projects. Might you talk about projects the deserve a distinct mention?

Apart from drawing the discussed comics, little Brahmin and Truth Potato, I compose poems and short stories for my blog – Frozen Panache at any time I uncover the time. Writing has always been my an initial love and also I constantly wanted to get a publication published. 

Few months back, I likewise started a YouTube channel, Mango irradiate Entertainment, through friends in a significant attempt to lug those story to life.

How do you think technology has changed the dynamics that art?

Social media and graphic tablets have helped creators/artists showcase your talent much better to the people unlike before.

Who are some illustrators and comic creators the you admire?

There are numerous comic creators that ns love reading. My many favourite would certainly be Alicia Souza, War and also Peas and also Poorly attracted Lines .

How frequently do friend face an imaginative block, and how carry out you acquire over it?

Creative block is other one can not escape from. The an imaginative part the your brain is ~ above a strike, and also just refuses to work.

Initially, I offered to dread this, but over time I have accepted creative block and try to deviate my attention to something else till I get fresh ideas.

If you can learn another type of art, what would certainly it be?


If you might give an advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“You’ll confront failures pretty often yet stick come what you believe in. Your meaning of success needn’t it is in aligned come the world’s definition. You’ll do something the end of a potato that world would love and also no, it’s no a dish.”

How do you take care of criticisms?

When reality Potato gained featured in Bored Panda the very first time, over there was the majority of traffic comes in. That included lot of objections as well. Over there were civilization who loved fact Potato and there were world who didn’t get it well.

I would be lie if I said that the criticisms didn’t pains me. But, that the criticism the make united state a far better version of ourselves. Nonetheless, there room some civilization out there spreading hate, no issue how an excellent you are.

Over time, I have realized that i don’t occupational to please everyone, instead to bring smiles ~ above the encounters of few who appreciate my work.

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What’s the bitter fact that you deserve to tell come the budding artists and also web comic creators?

Though an innovation has made putting your content out over there to the fixed easier, the has likewise made the procedure stringent. Perform not provide up and believe in your content. You’ll entice your niche audience v time.

What is the best way that we, as readers, have the right to support you and also other initial content creators?

There’s nothing much more important than assistance of your readers. Small little thinks choose sharing a comic with your friends; giving due credits come the creator; purchasing any kind of merchandise if her favourite artist has actually put miscellaneous up because that sale and also supporting ~ above Patreon, make a substantial difference.