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Hatsan AT44 air rifle (click come enlarge)

If girlfriend love come hunt using an wait gun, climate the Hatsan AT44-10 waiting rifle will an ext than please her desire. Furthermore, this pellet rifle is not just the perfect searching companion, however it can also help get rid of pests that can be ravaging your garden, crops, or other personal properties.

From rabbits, prairie dogs, to woodchucks, sparrows, and also more, every these have the right to be quickly dealt through using this powerful weapon. However, there is quiet a lot an ext to the Hatsan AT44-10. To totally know what you can expect native this product, refer to the reviewed information below.

Click here to find the price that the Hatsan AT44-10 QE .25 Caliber waiting Rifle. The .22 Caliber version can be found here and the .177 Caliber variation can be found here.


The Hatsan AT44 is a PCP or precharged pneumatic air rifle the is obtainable in .177, .22 and .25 calibers. It is capable of accommodating a max wait cylinder press of 200 bar. The barrel steps 19.4 in. Long, yet its in its entirety length is 39.4”.

This quality air rifle only weighs 7.3 lbs., and also sports an flexible butt pad and two-stage flexible trigger. Through default, the unit does not come through an open up front and also rear sight, yet both weaver and 11mm mounts deserve to be attached.


As pointed out above, the Hatsan AT44-10 is easily accessible in 3 various calibers. Each caliber enables the pistol to attain various max muzzle velocity/energy, and also different max number of shots. However, the manufacturer indicates 40 as the total variety of possible reliable shots, regardless of caliber type.

Some users case to get much more or much less that 40 continual shots, yet the variances perform not deviate too much from the optimal shoot number. If you were to usage up every the air inside the default cylinder, the as whole shot count will have quite the gap between the three caliber sizes.

For the .177 model, shoot to empty the wait container will certainly yield roughly 80 shots. Together for the .22 and .25 calibers, the full shots doable until all wait is spend are approximately 70 and also 60, respectively. Simply note, the additional you shoot beyond 40 discharges the weaker and much more inconsistent the shots will certainly be.

As because that the clip sizes, the one in the .25 have the right to store up to 9 pellets in ~ a time. The .22 and .177 on the various other hand, room both able to lug up to 10 pellets. All three come with a one clip, and also can fire repeatedly.

The clip additionally features one anti-double-feed mechanism. What it usually does is avert the loading of an ext than one pellet right into the barrel, which is notably valuable for repeaters such together this product. The clip is fitted into the optimal of the receiver and securely locked by a brass bolt.

More importantly, this non-spring magazine employs a elevated boss on its behind side, meaning it have the right to only be inserted one way. Plus, the side groove the the barrel housing will no only enable you to view the emptied slots after firing, however it is additionally an effective method to height up new bullets there is no removing the clip.

When it involves maximum muzzle velocity/energy, the values also differ for each caliber diameter. The .177 develop is able to with 1070 fps, 970 fps for the .22, and also 870 fps for the .25 caliber. These numbers room the highest that every caliber can attain with a complete air compartment, and also without any kind of restriction.

Speaking the restriction, some AT44-10 waiting rifles may have different max fps ceiling values, relying on the country or state you room living in. This is due to the fact that some places have different pet rights and hunting laws. Moreover, the fps will additionally decrease as air is expended, and can vary in strength depending upon the kind of pellet used.

Overall, the gun fires quietly, no to point out it is very precise. A human being who is proficient can efficiently shoot in ~ 50-75 yards without much significant changes in accuracy.

The standard design of this waiting rifle sporting activities a black artificial design. It has a black color rubber target pad at the behind for comfortable recoil support. Furthermore, the target pad deserve to be changed in height, and can also rotate a few degrees, giving you lot of of probable angles to work with until you discover a setup that is most perfect to your style.

Unfortunately, you require an Allen wrench to make the modifications. Therefore, uneven you space fine putting your ongoing hunt come a temporary halt just to redo your adjustments, you have to finalize every little thing beforehand. Examine out the operations hands-on for an ext information.

On a lighter note, the gun and butt pad fashion into a well-balanced file (similar to a Monte Carlo), which provides the rifle virtually perfect because that ambidextrous use. I say virtually because the sidelever is confined exclusively to the ideal side of the receiver, i beg your pardon is slightly much more favorable come right-handed individuals than left-handed individuals.

You deserve to separate the waiting cylinder native the rifle, allowing you to just stick in a brand-new one after ~ the current container is emptied and detached. If you perform not favor the idea of lugging a huge air container or tank whenever girlfriend go the end hunting, then this setup will certainly appeal to you best. The cylinder additionally comes v its own calibrated gauge, allowing you to properly observe exactly how much pressure is left or being filled in.

Both manual and also automatic safety and security mechanics are easily accessible on this model. The button for it is conveniently located simply behind the scope rail. A pulled the end position shows the security is on.

The automatic security will always put the rifle in safety mode on your behalf, after every cock. Over there is no workaround for this, which might irk some, specifically expert hunters. Nevertheless, this feature only ensures the you and also the people roughly you are far from sustaining grave injuries.

Final Verdict

Click here to discover the price that the Hatsan AT44-10 QE .25 Caliber wait Rifle. The .22 Caliber variation can be found here and the .177 Caliber version can be found here.

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Overall, the Hatsan AT44-10 wait rifle is one of the finest PCP pellet firearms you can at this time get in the market. It is beginner-friendly, albeit a tiny steep in price because that beginners, yet its value far outweighs the early investment. Whether it is for hunting or for practicing on file targets, the AT44-10 assures all the reach and also accuracy girlfriend need.