In 2015, local inhabitants reached the end to university to assist them recognize the alarming discovery of PFOA in their drinking water. With the assistance of the national Science Foundation, we have been opening our scientific research classrooms to this nearby environmental difficulty ever since. Whether in to teach public seminars or conducting independent research, our goal is to use the ideal science to aid citizens far better understand the trouble of PFAS contamination and secure environmental justice today.

Research Results

The Reckless sirloin to Incinerate AFFF, 2016-2020 (March 23, 2021)

Since 2016, the US armed forces rushed come incinerate 20 million pounds the Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF), a toxicity fire-fighting foam attached to a hold of cancers, developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, and also infertility. There is no evidence that commercial incineration destroys these toxicity chemicals. Lot of this ill-advised and also unproven burn of AFFF happened in environmental justice communities. The American public has been kept in the dark around this reckless initiative to burn AFFF.

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In 2020, we obtained four files listing shipping of AFFF come incinerators. Two documents originated with the Defense Department and two originated with brand-new York State room of environmental Conservation. Compiling and analyzing these shipping of AFFF helped carry the scale of this environmental justice concern into sharp and urgent focus.

Our full evaluation and all of our data have the right to be uncovered at:

Norlite Hazardous Waste Incinerator sits less than 400 feet indigenous Saratoga website Public real estate in Cohoes, NY (photo through David Bond)


Residents of Saratoga web page Public real estate protest dangerous emissions indigenous Norlite on in march 19 (photo through David Bond)


PFAS levels in Soil and also Water approximately Norlite Incinerator: summary of Findings (April 27, 2020)

The Norlite hazardous rubbish incinerator in Cohoes, NY melted Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF) in 2018 and also 2019. AFFF is consisted of of toxic perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) choose PFOA and PFOS. Over there is no evidence that incineration effectively destroys PFAS compounds. Exposure come trace amounts of this chemicals is strongly attached to a hold of cancers and other adverse health impacts.

In beforehand March, a team the college professors and also students took soil and surface water samples indigenous the neighborhoods approximately the Norlite plant. Eurofins commercial laboratory analyzed this samples for a vast array of PFAS compounds.

What we discovered is concerning. The soil and surface waters around Norlite are laced with PFAS compounds commonly found in AFFF. The outcomes of this preliminary research suggest the burn of AFFF in ~ Norlite is no breaking down these dangerous chemicals so much as redistributing lock into adjacent poor and also working class neighborhoods. Much from destroying the toxins, the Norlite facility shows up to it is in a far-ranging local and also potentially regional source the PFAS contamination.

Norlite hazardous waste incinerator looms end Saratoga publicly Housing complex in Cohoes, NY (photo by David Bond)


* college professors and students collect soil and water samples in neighborhoods around Norlite hazardous garbage incinerator (photo by David Bond)


PFOA community Health Questionnaire: Summary of findings (August 21, 2018)

A recent ar health questionnaire determined previously unreported cases of cancer and illnesses linked to PFOA exposure in Hoosick Falls and also Petersburgh, NY and also, VT. In solution to neighborhood concerns, a ten-question health and wellness questionnaire was distributed to current and former occupants of three new York and Vermont communities affected by PFOA. This questionnaire asked regional residents around their own knowledge of your health and also the health of their family as the relates to 6 illnesses linked to PFOA exposure.

With 443 responses, this questionnaire reported 31 instances the kidney cancer, 11 instances the testicular cancer, and also over 230 instances that thyroid condition in Hoosick Falls, Petersburgh, and also Hoosick drops (pop. 3,420) fielded the many participants in this questionnaire, v 373 inhabitants responding. Indigenous respondents life in the village of Hoosick Falls, the questionnaire report 17 cases of kidney cancer, 9 instances of testicular cancer, and 135 cases of thyroid disease. This numbers stand at odds through previous reports.

The results of this questionnaire provides credence to the health comes to of residents, and their health care needs. 

Former EPA regional Administrator Judith Enck and also university Faculty Members Janet Foley and John Hultgren take it PFOA ar Health Questionnaire door-to-door in Hoosick drops (photo through David Bond)

***********************Regional soil Study: review of Findings (August 1, 2018)

Our study has begun to identify a distinct plume the soil v elevated levels of PFOA that lies directly downwind that the ChemFab facility in north Extending over 10 miles eastward native into the environment-friendly Mountains and covering about 120 square miles of southeastern Vermont, this plume the elevated PFOA floor levels says extensive airborne deposition that PFOA from the ChemFab facility.



Project Publications

Tim Schroeder, David Bond, and also Janet Foley. 2021. “PFAS Soil and Groundwater contamination Via commercial Airborne Emission and also Land Deposition in SW Vermont and Eastern brand-new York State, USA,” Environmental Science: Processes and also Impact, advancement Article (Jan 1).

David Bond. 2020. “Understanding PFOA,” Medical sociology Quarterly, vital Care online collection (Nov. 16).

David Bond, Janet Foley, and Tim Schroeder. 2020. “Ban every Incineration of PFAS in new York,” Op-Ed in Albany times Union (May 30): D2.

David Bond. 2018. “PFOA victims Deserve medical Monitoring, health Care,” Op-Ed in Albany Times Union (Aug 21): A8.

David Bond. 2018. “PFOA victim Deserve clinical Monitoring,” VT Digger (Aug 26).

David Bond, Janet Foley, and Tim Schroeder. 2018. “New Research argues PFOA pollution Far an ext Extensive Than originally Thought,” Op-Ed in Banner (Aug 2): A6. Vermont Digger>

David link and Jorja Rose. 2018. “Saint-Gobain’s claims Don’t organize Water,” Op-Ed in Banner, (May 20): A7 Vermont Digger>


In 2014, the chemical Perfluorooctanoic acid (C8 or PFOA) was uncovered in the public drinking water that Hoosick Falls, NY. As concern over this contaminant grew, other adjacent communities began testing your drinking water. As of August 2017, PFOA has been detected in alarming levels in the municipal water it is provided of three towns in new York and Vermont and also in over a thousand private residential wells in the region. (The windy water system of phibìc, where College it s okay its water, has actually tested complimentary of PFOA.)

PFOA was as soon as a crucial ingredient in the manufacture of high-performance plastics like Teflon and Gore-Tex. Today PFOA and related per- and poly-fluorinated compounds—once celebrated for your inertness—are comes into new focus together an detailed human health risk the operates ~ above the range of components per trillion and also unfolds over the course of decades. This dimensions, the granular range of risk, and the expanded timeframe that injury, have made PFOA a brand-new kind of trouble for ecological science and policy. These involves have spicy urgency in the impacted communities in ours region.

In solution to this local environmental crisis, the center for the advance of Public activity (CAPA) in ~ university has engaged the issue on a number of fronts. David Bond, the associate director of CAPA, in addition to faculty members Janet Foley and also Tim Schroeder, have been forgive two nationwide Science foundation (NSF) grants to carry the analytical resources of the science classroom into conversation with community concerns around PFOA. As PFOA was very first discovered in communities throughout our region, Bond, Foley, and Schroeder received a $90,000 NSF RAPID response Grant to market a new course—“Understanding PFOA”—on the properties, pathways, and also policy comes to surrounding PFOA. Together students, this class was opened up to high institution teachers, nurses, local journalists, and also community members native Hoosick Falls and This class was offered as a primer on PFOA that can equip students and also citizens alike to better navigate the very complicated science the PFOA, to develop data an ext attuned to neighborhood concerns, and to demand much better protections for water resources moving forward.

Expanding ~ above these at an early stage engagements, in June 2017 Bond, Foley, and also Schroeder were awarded a $300,000 NSF grant that will support added courses ~ above PFOA, initial research on PFOA pollution in our region, and brand-new collaborations v state agencies, regional public schools, and regional colleges and universities. This existing three-year project will equip the science classroom come answer community concerns about PFOA, and intends to administer a new educational design of the civic value the science education in time of ecological uncertainty.

CAPA has likewise hosted public meetings come facilitate dialogue in between concerned residents and also Vermont state officials. Lastly, CAPA and Environmental researches at are likewise sponsoring a lecture collection on PFOA that brings top voices on the science and also policy of PFOA come campus for public talks; recent guests encompass David Andrews, an elderly Scientist with the ecological Working Group; Laura MacManus-Spencer, chemistry professor at Union College; Brendan Lyons, an elderly investigative reporter at the Albany times Union; Joyce Donahue, senior Health Scientist in ~ the EPA, kris Higgins, combine professor in ~ the Colorado school of Mines, and also attorney Robert Bilott, amongst others.

What is PFOA?

Perfluorooctanoic mountain (PFOA or C8) is a fabricated chemical that is persistent, mobile, and also toxic. As soon as a major ingredient in the to produce of fire-fighting foams and also high-performance plastics favor Teflon or Gore-Tex, in the 2000s PFOA came under scrutiny as exposure was correlated to adverse health effects, most notable in workers at plants in Alabama and also West Virginia and amongst residents of the Ohio river valley. Ten year ago, the significant US producers of PFOA agreed to voluntarily get rid of PFOA by 2015. Despite the phase-out, a substantial amount of PFOA remains in the environment. In 2016, the EPA established a wellness advisory reminder for PFOA in drinking water that 70 parts per sunshine for long-term exposure (70 ppt have the right to be explained as a 4 minutes 1 teaspoon in an Olympic-sized pool). A growing variety of lawsuits and toxicology studies are providing new insight right into PFOA, i beg your pardon is water-soluble, resists photo- and also bio-degradation, is chemically steady in water for practically a century, is readily soaked up into the body once consumed, has a half-life that 2–7 year in the human being body, and also bio-accumulates in serum, kidneys, and the liver. Current laboratory and also epidemiological studies have actually strongly associated exposure come PFOA through a number of adverse health effects, consisting of developmental problems, reproductive harm, and kidney, bladder, and testicular cancer. At a meeting last year, the united Nations started considering a an international ban top top PFOA. As the EPA summarizes: “the toxicity, mobility, and also bioaccumulation” the PFOA poses urgent and complicated questions because that safeguarding human heath in locations where PFOA has actually been exit in the environment.

Public sources on PFOA

Vermont PFOA ResourcesFederal Assessments the PFOAPFOA and also Public HealthPFOA in the EnvironmentOther State Guidelines and also Resources for PFOAJournalistic Coverage on PFOAResponses to PFOA in various other CommunitiesHome Water Filtration solution for PFOA

In 2008, Minnesota performed tests on point-of-use water filters to measure up their ability to reduce perfluorochemicals, consisting of PFOA, in drinking water. Seven filtration solution were uncovered to minimize PFOA level in drink water. These gadgets include:

Activated Carbon DevicesAquion Rainsoft Hydrefiner (P-12 9878)Culligan RC-EZ-4Kinetico MACguard 7500Sears Kenmore (Elite 625.385010)Reverse Osmosis DevicesCulligan Aqua Cleer3M/CUNO/Water factory SQC-3 (04-045)EcoWater ERO-375E-CPGE Smartwater (GXRM10GBL)Kinetico Plus luxurious VXPentair RO 3500-EX w/GSWatts (Premier WP-4V)International an answer to PFOA

September 11, 2019: Film, discussion drive home realities that PFAS threat

Clean water support Loreen Hackett, of Hoosick Falls, brand-new York, David Bond, that College, and Eric Peterson, the producing imaginative director at Oldcastle Theatre Company, take component in a panel discussion Tuesday after the theater showed a documentary film on PFAS contamination. 

Read around it in the Banner here.

June 25, 2018: bond Joins community Voices in ~ EPA Summit on PFOA

On Monday June 25, thousands of residents gathered in Exeter, NH, because that a two-day summit top top perfluorinated compounds prefer PFOA. Held by the EPA, this inaugural summit lugged together affected communities, state agencies, and EPA leaders to discuss the ongoing an answer to PFOA air pollution in brand-new England and beyond.

Associate manager of CAPA David shortcut was provided the stage to re-superstructure"s experience with PFOA contamination, including how College opened the doors the its science classroom to this nearby environmental problem. Bond presented in addition to invited representatives from other communities roiled in PFOA contamination, including Barnstable, MA; Westfield, MA; Dover, NH; and also Merrimack, NH.

For much more information, click here.

May 16, 2018: Bond and also Rose breeze Op-Ed ~ above PFOA

David Bond and Jorja rose ’18 co-authored a Banner editorial assessing Saint-Gobain’s controversial PFOA report. Their Op-Ed, entitled “Upon Closer Inspection, Saint-Gobain’s cases Don’t hold Water,” take it a an essential look in ~ a brand-new report native Saint-Gobain that suggested local occupants may it is in responsible because that the comprehensive PFOA contamination in the region. Their Op-Ed was reprinted in VT Digger.

May 14, 2018: vermont ANR community Meeting top top PFOA College hosted a public conference on PFOA on Monday, may 14. At this meeting, the Vermont agency of natural Resources (ANR) and the department of environmental Conservation (DEC) to update the community about ongoing negotiations v Saint Gobain and also reviewed the progress of the water line extension project in phibìc college faculty members David Bond and also Janet Foley detailed an upgrade on continuous research they and also their students are doing ~ above PFOA in our region.

January 9, 2018: Vermont ANR neighborhood Meeting on PFOA College organized a public conference on PFOA top top Tuesday, January 9. In ~ this meeting, the Vermont firm of natural Resources (ANR) and the room of eco-friendly Conservation (DEC) update the community around ongoing negotiations v Saint Gobain and reviewed the progress of the water line extension project in phibìc college faculty member Tim Schroeder noted an upgrade on recurring research top top PFOA in our region.

September 8, 2017: Faculty organize PFOA information Session with Petersburgh, NY Residents

Over forty inhabitants of Petersburgh, NY packed the city Hall last Friday evening because that an information session on PFOA contamination held by Faculty David Bond, Janet Foley, and also Tim Schroeder.

Invited by regional residents, Bond, Foley, and Schroeder shared relevant result from your research job “Understanding PFOA,” addressed inquiries from residents, and explored ways of engaging their study with ar concerns. Faculty were joined by Chemistry Professor Laura Mac-Manus-Spencer the Union College.

Whether in mentioning variation in PFOA level in a single well end the food of a year or in reviewing preliminary result that suggest the shallow soil in our region may be acting together an unexpectedly big reservoir of PFOA or in responding to concerns around the present emissions of alternative perfluorinated compounds at local facilities, this information session worked to lug unfolding research into PFOA pollution in our an ar into conversation v resident’s questions and community concerns.

“Unlikely various other communities impacted by PFOA in our region, residents of Petersburgh have sometimes struggled to obtain the attention and resources they deserve. Plenty of residents still have urgent questions about the nature that PFOA contamination and also how the ar can ideal protect that water sources going forward,” claimed David Bond, combine Director that the facility for the advance of Public activity (CAPA) at College.

While the research task “Understanding PFOA” has actually been working v individual inhabitants of Petersburgh for the previous 15 months, this to be the very first time the project was maybe to connect the community. Petersburgh citizens were likewise invited to sit in ~ above a primer course on PFOA that will be available in the spring at College.

“It to be a abundant event and I hope we have the right to come earlier in the comes months with better answers come the resident’s really crucial questions,” bond said.




May 19–20, 2017: Taconic mountain Student Water Conference — PFOA

This conference, co-convened by David Bond ( College) and Ken Facin (Hoosick Falls main School District) and hosted by College, introduced progressed high institution students indigenous our region to the problems and opportunities that specify our water resources. Our inaugural conference focused on PFOA.

Full conference schedule and also videos that panels can be discovered here.

April 27, 2017: vermont ANR community Meeting top top PFOA College held a public conference on PFOA on Thursday, April 27th. At this meeting, the Vermont company of organic Resources (ANR) and also Department of ecological Conservation (DEC) update the community around ongoing negotiations through Saint Gobain and also reviewed the state’s current analysis of the nature and scope the PFOA pollution in our region. ANR Secretary Julie Moore applauded the “very active” work-related of college in responding come this nearby environmental problem. university faculty David Bond and Tim Schroeder also noted an update of their ongoing research right into PFOA in our environment.

June 29, 2016: Meeting organized to update the ar on PFOA Research

On Wednesday, June 29, the vermouth state department of eco-friendly Conservation (DEC) hosted a community meeting at college to comment on the continuous PFOA worry in the region.

David Bond, the major investigator and associate director of the facility for the advancement of Public action (CAPA), listed an upgrade on the College’s work thus far:

The College has trained 20 students and also 8 community members (including superintendent of Hoosick Falls central School District and also high school teachers) in the chemistry, geology, and also policy concerns that inform PFOA underground water contamination.The college has built up 50 water samples and examining them because that perfluorinated compounds like PFOA (22 from phibìc, 7 indigenous Petersburgh, 6 native Hoosick Falls, and 6 from Eagle Bridge; the samples were taken native 32 residential wells, 15 surface waters, and also 2 maple trees).The College has hosting a windy lecture collection bringing national voices ~ above PFOA come our community, with added notable speakers planned because that the fall term.The College has put together a publicly website with scholarly and journalistic resources on PFOA for the community.

Commissioner Schuren, chuck Schwer of the department of garbage Management and also Prevention, and Richard Spiese, hazardous website manager because that the Vermont agency of herbal Resources and allude person because that the efforts in, north, and Shaftsbury, praised job-related of the College, and emphasized how helpful it is come the state to have a neighborhood partner functioning on the issue.

April 1, 2016: update on the outcomes of surface ar Water Tests because that PFOA

Vermont governor Peter Shumlin exit the results of tests for the presence of PFOA in waterways, consisting of the pond top top College"s campus. If College"s pond is not supplied for swimming, fishing, or other in-water recreation, the pond sample confirmed PFOA concentrations of 79 parts per trillion. This level is well listed below what state officials take into consideration to be for sure for humans and also wildlife in surface ar water. It is likewise important to keep in mind that the College"s drinking water is provided by the municipal water source, which has tested clean the PFOA. The state is in the procedure of conducting soil testing. We will certainly share that details when we get it. The university will continue to monitor the case closely.

March 16, 2016: chairman Silver’s upgrade on north Water Situation

We wanted to re-publishing news that the north private well-water situation, which countless of you may have heard about in the media.

The brand-new York Times ran a story yesterday on the PFOA discovered in some private wells in phibìc and also other neighborhoods in the Northeast. Importantly, the municipal water supplies for and also North (the source of water because that the whole university campus and all that off-campus properties) have tested clean; this findings have actually been evidenced by elevation labs testing multiple samples.

The state the Vermont"s solution has to be remarkably rapid and transparent. The Commissioner that the vermouth Department of ecological Conservation has been in North every week, and also the governor was ~ above campus last week to fulfill with local community members. That reiterated his commitment come aggressively addressing this situation. It is additionally worth noting that the state of Vermont"s requirements for water purity are very strict and also exceed the commonwealth guidelines.

While not straight affected, the university is cursed to offering the community with multiple levels of support, consisting of its pundit resources. Our faculty experts are helping civilization locally and also farther afield know what is known and also what questions to ask around PFOA as this problem becomes appropriate to communities across the nation, and also the university is hosting publicly meetings for the community. Critical week, the nationwide Science foundation awarded the university a Rapid response grant the $90,000 for numerous faculty members to examine PFOA. The grant permits the college to market a food this spring and also fall come students and also community members, and for our research study to inform influenced communities transparent the country. In addition, we continue to ar inquiries indigenous local and national media outlets adhering to the announcement of the NSF grant; faculty members David Bond, Janet Foley, Tim Schroeder, and Susan Sgorbati have actually been big responsive and also informative together this situation has unfolded.

Feb 25, 2016: chairman Silver"s update on north Water Supply

Governor Shumlin reported now on recent trial and error for potential water contamination in north “The windy water supply has actually been tested and also is not affected.” the general public water it is provided is the water source for the entire college campus.

However, the governor likewise reported the tests of some commercial and individual family wells in the area do present varying levels of the potentially harmful chemical perfluorooctanoic mountain (PFOA), i beg your pardon has likewise been found in Hoosick Falls, NY.

While this case does not impact the campus directly, we have actually arranged transportation to two ar meetings announced by the governor. Representatives from the department of eco-friendly Conservation will certainly be top top hand at these conference to answer questions. To authorize up because that the shuttle, please contact Austin Bevin in college student Life.

Friday, February 26, in ~ 4 pm in ~ the phibìc FirehouseMonday, February 29, in ~ 6 pm at the Fire facility ( city Meeting)

In addition, in solution to the Hoosick falls water crisis, faculty are emerging a pop-up course for later in the term.

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We are complying with the conversation and advancements closely and will continue to upgrade the campus community. For much more information, please call 802-249-5324 come speak v Vermont state officials.