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The Bellamy Brothers room an American pop and also country music duo consist of of brother David Milton Bellamy and Homer Howard Bellamy, indigenous Darby, Florida. Beginning in the late 1970s, the Bellamy Brothers found success in country music as well, charting 20 number one singles and much more than 50 hits all at once on the nation charts.

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The Higley Center and also The Bull 1340 am PresentCollin RayeAll tickets Are reserved Seats

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Collin Raye……With 24 optimal ten records, 16 #1 hits, and also having to be a 10 time male vocalist of the year nominee (5 CMA and 5 ACM), this important electrifying performer of his era remains among the good voices of our time.Collin Raye is nothing if no passionate. His soulful shipment has set country requirements in together searing ballads as “Love, Me,” “In This Life,” “Not that Different” and “If i were you”. Always an an energetic showman, he has also blazed with such lively rockers as “My kind of Girl,” “That’s mine Story,” “I can Still feel You” and “I want You Bad.”Collin shot come fame v “Love, Me” in 1991. Listeners to be so moved by this gold and pure voice the this song collection the cornerstone for a career built on meaningful and also emotional songs the have often been used for weddings, anniversaries, memorial services and also funerals. Once “Little Rock”, one anthem because that those struggling with enhancement recovery, fight the chart in 1994, its video clip led to over 100,000 phone call calls to Alcoholics anonymous from folks seeking help in their addictions. “Not that Different” was a song that pleaded because that tolerance. “In This Life” came to be a wedding favorite, and “I Think around You” won awards because that its track and video which exposed the exploitation the women and children.Collin Raye has actually consistently supplied his stardom to advance social causes. Among the institutions he has supported space Boys Town, very first Steps, Al-Anon, unique Olympics, nation Cares about AIDS, Catholic Relief Services, Parade of Pennies, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, The Tennessee task Force versus Domestic Violence, The Emily Harrison Foundation, Childhelp USA, silent Witness nationwide Initiative, Easter Seals, The Life and Hope Network, and Make a distinction Day. It come as no surprise once in 2001 in ~ the country Radio Seminar, Clint black color presented Collin Raye through the organization’s Humanitarian of the Year award in recognition of Collin’s issue-oriented music and his tireless charity work.The guy who has topped the charts v such great songs as “On the Verge,” “One Boy, One Girl,” “What the heart Wants,” “Every Second”, “That to be a River”, “Anyone Else”, and “If ns were you” proceeds to touch hearts across the world in both classic and brand-new ways . Collin Raye’s new outreach is really personal. In 2010, after ~ the loss of his precious 10 year old grandchild, Haley, Collin and his daughter Britanny (Haley’s mother) created The Haley Bell Blessed Chair structure to honor she memory. The foundation supports and also assists family members of the cognitively and physically disabled with a primary focus on offering wheelchairs and other necessary medical devices to elevate the quality of life for the disabled family members member in need. Collin composed a really special track for Haley called, “She’s v me”, which carries a an effective message for households of special needs children.