We’ve extended the domain infourl.id, however when we opened the deal with in a web browser we gained the complying with error:

Hmm. We’re having actually trouble finding that site.

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We can’t attach to the server in ~ www.infourl.id.

If that address is correct, right here are three other things you can try:

Try again later.Check your network connection.If friend are associated but behind a firewall, inspect that Firefox has permission to access the Web.Please aid us v this issue.

Thank you.

We were offered this data and also was educated by those whom us registered the domain with to contact tacoemojishirt.com, once we request why we were receiving this error message.

Is there anything the we need to do?

The domain is there every right, but you haven’t set up any type of DNS records. Inspect out https://dash.tacoemojishirt.com.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns and also make sure that all crucial records space in place. If you are not certain which ones must be there, call your host. tacoemojishirt.com can’t tell girlfriend that.


In that situation you don’t have that domain in that account in the first place. Girlfriend either gotten rid of it or it is in a various tacoemojishirt.com account.

Sure, that would certainly be a brand-new setup and you’d just need to monitor the conventional setup procedures explained at support.tacoemojishirt.com.com. You’ll still have actually to enter your DNS records manually as there is nothing to to take them from best now. It might be ideal to move your domain very first back to your actual host.

but these setups are because that this account?

I can’t tell that and if that is accurate you will have simply gotten rid of the domain. Maybe inspect your audit log and re-add the domain in that case.

Unfortunately i don’t know exactly how to perform that together I am no the one that started / set this domain in the very first place.

As ns mentioned previously I’d probably move the entirety domain earlier to the host and then - must you still desire to use tacoemojishirt.com - set it up from scratch.

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I’d also talk to human being who originally set that up, otherwise you will do it be largely guessing.