St. Augustine is the earliest continually occupied European-founded city in the joined States, established in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Spain. Our “Old City” is to fill with much more than four and also a half centuries worth of history, add to a flourishing arts scene and unique neighborhood culture.

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At our oceanfront resort, guests can soak up the sun but be only minutes away from St. Augustine’s charming historical downtown. Reap panoramic s views, fresh seafood indigenous Santiago’s Florida Kitchen & craft Bar, ice cream cold drink from our seasonal tiki bar situated next to our the end pool with beach access, and authentic male Harvey merchandise sold in our Outfitter Shop. Girlfriend can additionally book your following adventure or excursion v the Outfitter Shop – kayaking tours, eco-tours, fishing charters and more are obtainable when friend speak come our Adventure Coordinator.

We look forward to having actually you and also your family at our oceanfront will on St. Augustine Beach!

Check-In: 4:00PM | Check-Out 11:00AM



NIGHTS that LIGHTS vacation SEASON unique OFFER

We are now entering the most magical time of the year in the nation’s oldest city – the holiday season. Mingle and jingle if you remain at the beach and also explore the numerous shining holiday lights in the historical district. St. Augustine’s vacation lights display screen has been named one of the 10 best in the civilization by nationwide Geographic! Come experience the most amazing time that the year through us v this distinct offer, only available for Nights that Lights.



Surf, paddleboard, and also boogie plank or simply relax under our coast umbrellas. Friend can also unwind in one of our private poolside cabanas. Rent all these and more at ours “Pool House” rentals hut by the outdoor tiki bar.

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Enjoy fresh seafood in ~ Santiago’s Florida Kitchen & craft Bar, breakfast and also dinner currently served daily. Sip drinks poolside at guy Harvey’s Surf Shack v live music on select days.

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Take a step earlier in time and also explore the background and mystery of the nation’s earliest city. Find our area’s intriguing Spanish heritage, neighborhood gastronomy, nightlife and even pirate lore.

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With over 4,000 square feet the meeting an are and a beautiful beach, our hotel uses a flexible occasion venue for a range of gatherings.

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Whether you’re coming to Florida’s Historic shore for company or play, flexibility and also reliability are an essential for a smooth trip. Below are our optimal reasons for booking her St. Augustine Beach vacation direct, versus booking with third-party online take trip sites.



Book direct with our distinct offers and Save approximately 25% OFF her stay. It’s time to start planning for the holiday season. Take it a pilgrimage to the beach with family members for a new twist on a time-honored tradition, or simply getaway because that the sake of getting away. Our offers this loss will make it straightforward to escape the cold.



Relax and also revive v beach yoga, courtesy the local ancient City beach Yoga. Classes space free, but donations to ACBY are significantly appreciated. Classes are weather permitting, you re welcome be certain to check with the front desk for course availability. Discover all our various other hotel amenities and tasks for the most enjoyable stay.



Get motivated by photos from our guests or share your favorite endure or photograph from St Augustine Beach through us!

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The male Harvey resort St. Augustine Beach and also the St. Augustine Camera society announced this particular day their

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male Harvey Ocean structure and Shark Allies assistance Signing of Shark Fin Trade regulation in Florida through GHO

Florida branch Ron DeSantis has actually signed right into law the bill that bans the income of shark fins

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In this expedition Notebook, Jessica Harvey looks at everyone’s favorite naval creature – the Sea Turtle! by Jessica Harvey

Join male Harvey and also his daughter Jessica as they travel the human being to research and document the largest

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Guy Harvey resort St. Augustine Beach’s Commitment to You during COVID-19. Check out More
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Guy Harvey will St. Augustine Beach’s Commitment to You throughout COVID-19

First of all, we desire to thank our valued guests for your patience and also understanding throughout this time. Ours hotel is currently OPEN, however some of our amenities and also services are limited or unavailable in ~ this time.

We have additionally updated our cancellation plan to carry out the most flexibility to our guests. You re welcome follow the link listed below to check out our full list that changes and updates.


For the most update information, please describe Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) or your local health and wellness authority.

COVID-19 Information

Guy Harvey resort St. Augsutine Beach’s Commitment to You throughout COVID-19

Amenities Information

First that all, we desire to give thanks to our valued guests for your patience and understanding during this time. Our hotel is currently OPEN, however some of ours amenities and services are restricted or unavailable at this time. We have actually updated our cancellation policy in bespeak to offer the many flexiblity for our guests.

• our on-site restaurant and bar, Santiago’s Florida Kitchen and Craft Bar is currently closed until additional notice.

• our on-site fitness center is right now closed.

• our outdoor swimming pool is at this time still open yet chairs room spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart as per CDC guidelines. Hotel guests may continue to usage the pool as long as a minimum that 6 feet is kept between people. Guests the fail to comply v this tip will be asked to kindly vacate the swimming pool area.

• our poolside tiki bar is right now closed.

• every Saint John’s ar beaches room closed come the public. Unfortunately, this way that the coast is inaccessible to guest via our hotel’s accessibility point.

Travel flexibility InformationIn solution to the ever-changing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we’d prefer to share some extr actions that man Harvey resort St. Augustine beach is acquisition to permit you even an ext flexibility about your upcoming travel.

Waiving change & Cancellation FeesGuided by our function of care, we are temporarily adjusting our plans to allow for maximum adaptability to help you make the right decisions concerning travel at this time:

• Existing reservations for upcoming travel between March 14 and also April 30, 2020:All existing bookings made before March 13, 2020 that space for arrivals between March 14 and April 30, 2020 can be readjusted or cancelled in ~ no charge approximately 24 hours before your booked arrival. This includes advancement Purchase rate reservations.• New reservations for any future travel:It is ours desire come accommodate your take trip plans v as much versatility as you require to book with confidence. Countless of our rate offerings have been tailored to meet the needs of today’s travelers v flexible readjust and cancellation policies, however, if you space unable to uncover a setup that meets your need please reach out the us straight as we have many alternatives to amend your take trip plans together necessary.• Existing development Purchase price non-refundable appointments for travel with June 2020:As announced earlier, unique exceptions space in location for all advancement Purchase price non-refundable appointments made directly with guy Harvey will St. Augustine coast on or prior to March 8, 2020 for arrivals prior to June 30, 2020. For full details and to do arrangements, please call us straight at (904) 471-2555 or email united state at reservations who booked via online take trip agents or other third parties are advised to call their booking provider for information on your policies and for assistance.On instead of of the whole Guy Harvey will St. Augustine coast family, us would like to reiterate the the safety and wellbeing of ours guests and also associates, continue to be our highest possible priority.

For the many update information, please refer to Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) or her local health authority.

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