I have actually an iphone 12 pro and a HomePod mini. All software program is increase to date on both devices. Ns am set up to regulate the HomePod remotely. An individual requests room switched on. Place services space on.

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When I open up the home app and click ~ above the HomePod it mirrors 'Controls unavailable because that this device'

I have no controls top top the iphone phone to remotely run the music tracks, or volume, etc. That the HomePod mini.

Also if ns ask 'Hey Siri - include milk to mine shopping list' it claims he is having problems and also am I associated to the exact same network?

Then.... When I move on mine WiFi ~ above my iphone phone - hey presto - I can see all controls, and Siri can include stuff to mine shopping list and also do various other things.

Does this median I deserve to only completely control the HomePod mini if ns CONSTANTLY have my iPhones WiFi linked whilst at home?? THIS appears CRAZY!!!! Or i am act something wrong with the collection up?

Please assist - i am pulling my hair the end trying to figure this!!!

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posted on Feb 9, 2021 3:12 to be

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Feb 10, 2021 4:10 afternoon in response to damionO In response to damionO

Hello damionO,

Thanks for reaching out in tacoemojishirt.com support Communities. We know that you're having actually trouble v your HomePod. It looks choose the HomePod is set up come be used remotely. As soon as you open up the home app and select HomePod it mirrors "Controls unavailable because that this device." You additionally can't usage Siri or manage music. We're happy to help. Did girlfriend already set up a house hub? If friend don't have a house hub, you deserve to only manage accessories while in ~ home and also connected come your residence Wi-Fi network.

Check out the following support articles:

Set up her HomePod, HomePod mini, tacoemojishirt.com TV, or iPad together a house hub

Share control of her home


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Feb 10, 2021 4:10 afternoon

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Feb 11, 2021 3:14 am in an answer to Jeff_W. In solution to Jeff_W.

Hi Jeff,

Thank girlfriend so much for do the efforts to help me through this - ns really appreciate it.

The article states the HomePod mini should collection up immediately as a residence Hub - it climate goes on come only show how to set up my iPad as the residence Hub - which ns don't want.

I have tried set up v both my iphone phone 12 Pro and also my iPad air 2. I have actually the same result with both.

I will certainly talk v my actions therefore far:

Plugged in the HomePod Mini and enabled to start up

Switched on mine WiFi and Bluetooth for my pairing an equipment (tried separately from scrape with both my iPhone and also iPad)

Followed the startup indict in the popular music up box - accepting personal requests, connecting to mine tacoemojishirt.com identifier account and enabling voice recognition etc.

All set up has actually been smooth with both devices (iPhone & iPad separately)

Accepted major user together the HomePod Account under my tacoemojishirt.com ID

Intercom on - use from anywhere

Location solutions on

Control equipment remotely on

If ns disable my WiFi on all my gadgets (iPhone and also iPad) and also ask Siri come play one of my named playlists - it functions fine (so the can absolutely see my tacoemojishirt.com account!!!).

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When i say 'Hey Siri - include milk to my shopping list' (which is on my tacoemojishirt.com account under Reminders), or 'Do i have any appointments?' Siri says 'Sorry - ns am having problems with connection. Make certain your iphone phone is top top the same WiFi as this device'

If I open my hub on my iphone or iPad (without WiFi enabled) it claims 'control unavailable because that this device'

When ns activate WiFi I have the right to see and control everything and also all works fine.

It seems the HomePod Mini will not occupational properly without one of two people my iphone phone or iPad associated to the house WiFi - does the HomePod Mini no work independently using my residence WiFi and also tacoemojishirt.com i would account? It appears insane to constantly have actually my iphone or iPad WiFi associated constantly - allow alone the battery drain!!!