Horizon Zero Dawn has actually plenty of content. Make sure you see and do everything prior to you start endgame. Spoilers, obviously.

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Critical path main story quests

Best ending and All Allies joined trophy

Side quests and also errands - Mother"s take on - sacred Lands - Meridian - Carja Territories

Cauldron places for spear upgrades

Weapon tutorials

Open people content

Horizon Zero Dawn has actually tens of hours of key quests, side quests and open people content to explore.

This overview page lists all the side quests we found in Horizon Zero Dawn and therefore gives a checklist of tasks to complete on your way to 100% completion, but it likewise explains the vital mission path and also what you"ll should do when in bespeak to see all the story content. You have the right to go earlier and fill in anything you missed in Horizon Zero Dawn ~ you"ve perfect the key story, however it means you won"t see few of the extra material accessible to those that get every little thing done.

Further under this page, we"ll also provide some accuse on how to find and also complete every Horizon Zero Dawn"s alternative tutorial goals (very rewarding) and also where to uncover all the open world content including Cauldron locations. Use the sidebar crate to navigate come what friend need.

This web page does acquire a bit spoiler-y talking around what you should do prior to Horizon Zero Dawn"s finishing for ideal results, yet we"ll be mindful not to mention any kind of explicit story details as we go.

Check our full Horizon Zero Dawn guide for an ext tips and walkthroughs. If you"re specifically trying to find a perform of quests and content in The Frozen Wilds, we have that too.

Horizon Zero Dawn: critical path key story quests

Below you"ll uncover the quests noted as main story missions in Horizon Zero Dawn"s menu. Periodically you"ll have much more than one main quest available, and also apart from the challenge guidance the quest menu provides, you have the right to do lock in any order.

In basic we suggest following your original Horizon Zero Dawn questline till you with The War-Chief"s Trail. Complete that and it"s followup, Revenge the the Nora, before returning come the very first questline in A Seeker in ~ the Gates. Level permitting, branch off again at field of the Fallen, i beg your pardon leads into Into the Borderlands and also The sun Shall Fall, prior to getting earlier to Maker"s End. This method seems to make the many sense narratively provided the urgency of each of the quest"s goals.

If you"re trying to find sidequest indict there"s a perform below, but in general, tick off everything on the eastern side that the map (the sacred Lands) prior to pushing right into Carja Territories, and then do one more sweep for the remainder of the map before proceeding through Deep tricks of the Earth. You"ll it is in rewarded with acknowledgment of her many accomplishments in Horizon Zero Dawn by conversation in succeeding scenes.

A Gift from The PastLessons of the WildThe suggest Of The SpearMother’s HeartThe ProvingThe Womb that the MountainA Seeker in ~ the GatesThe War-Chief’s TrailRevenge that the NoraThe City the the SunThe field of the FallenInto The BorderlandsThe sun Shall FallMaker’s EndThe Grave-HoardTo Curse the DarknessDeep tricks of the EarthFirst suggest of no returnThe Terror that the SunThe love of the NoraThe mountain That FellThe Looming ShadowSecond allude of no returnThe face of Extinction


How to gain the ideal ending and also All Allies joined trophy

Horizon Zero Dawn doesn"t really have multiple endings yet if you complete all the significant side quests before completing the last mission, you"ll obtain a stack of extra dialogue and also even a trophy - all Allies Joined.

Additionally, there are number of dialogue scenes triggered along the critical path, and also even in ~ the end of particular side quests, that vary considerably depending on what you"ve perfect up till that point.

That"s around all we have the right to tell you without destroying things story-wise, yet basically: it"s in your best interest to carry out every side search as quickly as girlfriend can before progressing additional down the vital path. The final allude of no return occurs during the mission The Looming Shadow: execute not continue with this search until you"re certain you"ve done every little thing you can.

When you have actually done every little thing you have the right to do in ~ this point, reap your reward by visiting the two optional target sites noted in The Looming Shadow"s search log. Through that done, do a backup save simply in case, and permit Aloy to walk to bed. When you execute so, the search ends and you should receive her All Allies joined trophy.

(Don"t issue too much if you faff this up; the extra dialogue is nice yet you"re not absent anything super essential and also it doesn"t count in the direction of completion statistics.)

Here are the quests and also side quests that it seems ~ to effect dialogue during The Looming Shadow and your chances of getting the trophy:

The War-Chief"s Trail and also Revenge that the Nora (main quests)The field of the Fallen, right into the Borderlands and The sun Shall loss (main quests)A Moment"s tranquility (side quest)Traitor"s Bounty and Queen"s Gambit (side quests)Hunting because that the Lodge (errand)Hunter"s Blind, most dangerous Game and Redmaw (side quests)Heap of problem (side quest)Sun and Shadow (side quest)

There"s another suggest of no return a small earlier in Horizon Zero Dawn, throughout Deep tricks of the Earth. The video game itself flags this heavily in dialogue. Again, you"ll get extra dialogue if you have actually done all the significant side searches as you proceed past this point.


All Horizon Zero Dawn side quests and errands

Below you"ll uncover a perform of every side quest and also errand we discovered in Horizon Zero Dawn. We"ve grouped them by basic region, and put castle in the stimulate you"ll likely discover the map in.

Mother’s Embrace

These quests have the right to be uncovered in Horizon Zero Dawn’s beginning zone, before Aloy has access to the entirety map.

Side questsThe ForgottenOn the main road southern towards Mother’s Watch, look for a tall rock spire. Speak come the woman at the top.In her Mother’s FootstepsNorth east of Mother’s Watch, along the riverbank, you’ll uncover an injured man who offers this quest.ErrandsOdd GrataAsk Rost “Anything else?” in ~ the start of the adult Aloy sequence in the prologue, or conference Grata at she camp high in the hills to the west of your beginning point.


The spiritual Lands

All of this quests have the right to be activated before leaving the Nora hunting grounds and also crossing into Carja lands at Daytower.

Side questsInsult to InjurySpeak to Fia in Mother’s Rise, a settlement discovered along the mountains forming the border between Mother’s take on and the more comprehensive Sacred Lands.A Daughter’s VengeanceSpeak come the worried young man in Mother’s Rise.Ancient ArmoryExplore the Bunker ruins east of Mother’s Rise.A Moment’s PeaceSpeak to Tikuk in the Banuk Encampment at the much north eastern of the spiritual Lands.UnderequippedSpeak to the worried trader at Hunter’s Gathering, a settlement in the phibìc west the the spiritual Lands, close come the border with Carja.ErrandsHunting for the LodgeSpeak come a keeper at any type of of the hunting Grounds arenas.SanctuarySpeak to Den in Mother’s Rise.Shortage that SuppliesSpeak to Sona in Mother’s Crown. Must have completed The War-Chief’s Trail and also Revenge of the Nora.Luck of the HuntSpeak come Taim in Mother’s Crown.To Old AcquaintanceSpeak to Gera at Hunter’s Gathering.Traitor’s BountyUnlocked during a cutscene ~ above the vital path.Queen’s GambitUnlocked upon perfect of Traitor’s Bounty.



All of these quests can be discovered in or near Meridian, or space intimately tied come it.

Side questsRobbing the RichSpeak come the noble loudly decrying a robbery near the main market area.Honor the FallenSpeak come Mournfall Namman in the circular area ~ above the top level the the city.Fatal InheritenceSpeak to Ranaman in Meridian Village, a settlement just south east of the city itself.Hunter’s BlindSpeak to Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed the errand hunting for the Lodge.Deadliest video game Speak come Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have actually completed Hunter’s Blind.RedmawSpeak come Talanah in the Hunters Lodge. Must have completed deadliest Game.ErrandsDemand and SupplyLook for two squabbling sellers on the outer edge the Meridian, in the direction of Meridian Village.


Carja Territories

These searches are available as Aloy roams the broader map beyond the spiritual Lands. Quests found in Meridian and surrounding hubs are not included here.

Side questsHeap the TroubleSpeak come Petra at cost-free Heap, a negotiation to the north east of Carja territories, close to the border through the spiritual Lands.Hammer and SteelSpeak come Kaeluf at cost-free Heap.Death native the SkiesFind a male wounded on the roadways west of complimentary Heap. Blood on StoneSpeak come the quarry foreman at reduced Cliffs, a settlement north eastern of Meridian.Sun and also ShadowSpeak to Lahavis in ~ Brightmarket, a settlement northwest of Meridian.Sunstone RockApproach Sunstone Rock, a settlement far to the southwest of Meridian.Cause because that ConcernUnlocked ~ completing all Bandit Camps if you’ve met Nil on her journeys.ErrandsIn international LandsSpeak to Balahn at Daytower.CollateralUnlocked throughout The City the the Sun during conversation through Olin.Sun’s JudgmentSpeak come the grumbling stall owner in Brightmarket.A cCrious ProposalSpeak to Fernund in Brightmarket.Healer’s OathSpeak to Abas external Sunfall.


Cauldron locations for spear upgrades

Cauldrons room worth highlighting above and past open human being content due to the fact that they have actually such a far-reaching role in Horizon Zero Dawn.

These unique dungeons offer insight into the beginnings of and behaviour that the machines - however they additionally offer girlfriend the possibility to include deadly tools to her arsenal through upgrading her spear to override more machines.

Override is just one of the most an effective tricks in Aloy"s repertoire, for this reason make sure you visit each cauldron as soon as friend can. There"s nothing an ext Horizon Zero Dawn then turning a Thunderjaw loose on a load of machines, climate mopping increase the debris.

Cauldron SigmaIn the spiritual Lands, phibìc of Mother’s Crown.Cauldron RhoIn the Carja Territories, southern of Daytower.Cauldron XiIn the Carja Territories, far south that Meridian.Cauldron ZetaIn the Carja Territories, phibìc of the Sunfurrows hunting Grounds.


All weapon tutorial missions and how come beat them

Every time you obtain a new weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn, girlfriend unlock a short tutorial quest. These sell pretty kind XP because that not an extremely much work, yet be conscious you have to manually select them in your search journal for her actions to count together progress.

Other Horizon Zero Dawn strategy guides

Power Cell locations for old Armor quest

Horizon Zero Dawn tips

Death grounding Easter eggs

Sharpshot BowKill 3 Watchers using Precision arrow shots come the eye.War BowShoot power cells using Shock Arrows. Scrappers room the simplest targets; simply be sure they’re encountering away from you and also ping lock in the canister on their butts.TripcasterTrip three equipments with Shock Wires. Any type of will do.SlingFreeze three machines weak come frost damage, such as Lancehorns or Tramplers, v Freeze Bombs.Blast SlingKill multiple (two or more) enemies with single shots from your blast sling. Human enemies in bandit camps or herds of Striders room the most basic targets.RopecasterTie under three little machines, such together Watchers or Striders.RattlerKill 3 human opponents using metal Bolts. The Rattler is sort of prefer a shotgun, so simply get great and close and also let rip.Carja TripcasterTrip three makers with Blast Wires. Conveniently completed throughout the Nora searching Grounds challenge.Carja SlingShock three equipments weak come shock damage with Shock Bombs. Scrappers are a an excellent bet.Carja Sharpshot BowRemove three maker parts using Tearblast Arrows. These need to be contents like canisters or weapons, no armour plates, so target precisely. Focus will determine valid targets, but just since you can see it doesn’t mean you can hit that from every angle. Grazers are good targets.Carja RopecasterTie down 3 medium-sized machines. Sawtooths, Bellowbacks and also Shell-Walkers count. Most basic if you can uncover one on its own. Tie the same one down 3 times if you like; just make certain it is completely free before you begin again.Carja Blast SlingAttach three Sticky Bombs to machines. Very easy from stealth, or discover something friend can"t miss because it"s enormous.Carja RattlerShock three equipments weak come shock damage using Shock Bolts. Longlegs are simplest for this, together Stalkers are more annoying come fight.Carja war BowShoot freeze Containers making use of Freeze Arrows. There are several equipments with frozen Canisters however Lancehorns are far and away the most basic targets; like Grazers, they have a stack of canisters on your backs you can hit with ease native behind them.Shadow Hunter BowShoot ten plates from machines. This is sort of a pain and also easier if friend can find an isolated huge machine prefer a Ravager, nullify that is ranged assaults with Tearblast Arrows, and then sit increase high top top a rock where it can’t reach you. Armour plates are pale coloured and when friend knock them turn off the creature shows up darker, for this reason target accordingly. You’ll more than likely need to repeat this a couple of times to obtain ten plates. And also then you’ll never ever use this ammo again, probably.Shadow TripcasterTrip three makers with Fire Wires. No special requirements, so very easy.Shadow war BowEnrage three machines with corruption arrows. If friend don’t have the Triple shot skill, discover some Watchers or Striders come knock this one over quickly. The an ext powerful devices will take numerous shots to corrupt, and also since corruption doesn’t make the target friendly come you, girlfriend don’t desire to rest stealth act this.Shadow Blast SlingKill three devices with Proximity Bombs. The bombs will certainly one-hit death weaker enemies, yet you’ll have to weaken more powerful ones first. Shot laying a line of bombs around you then blowing increase a canister on other that will certainly charge friend in retaliation.Shadow RopecasterTie under three huge machines. Huge machines encompass Stormbirds, Thunderjaws and also Rockcrushers. Thunderjaw is easiest to hit; take out any type of other nearby machines an initial and, if you’re yes, really struggling, hit off all the Thunderjaw’s tools so you’re reasonably safe from attack as friend tie it down repeatedly.TearblasterRemove 15 device components. The Tearblaster is really simple to use as friend only have actually to point it vaguely in the appropriate direction. Make certain your target actually has some materials left to knock off; armour plates do not count.Shadow SlingBurn 3 machines fragile to fire making use of Fire Bombs. This need to be a human body vulnerability, not a canister or other component weakness. Sawtooth, freeze Bellowback, Glinthawk, Corruptor, Ravager and also Snapmaw all work.Shadow Sharpshot BowShoot turn off elemental canisters using Harvest Arrows. Grazers and also Lancehorns, or perhaps even Striders, room the most basic targets here.


Open people Horizon Zero Dawn content

As well together the official quests detailed above, Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of open human being tomfoolery to keep you amused. Below you"ll uncover a check list that what you must see and also do together you hover the map; overriding Tallnecks will reveal every one of these locations, but as long as you go almost everywhere you shouldn"t miss anything.


See ours Horizon Zero Dawn collectables overview for vantages, steel flowers, old vessels and Banuk artifacts. Or just buy the maps found in the distinct items ar of any type of post-prologue merchant"s inventory.

Bandit Camps

Bandit camps are fortresses filled with human enemies. For ideal results, sneak in and also disable the alarm first; that avoids reinforcements. Cost-free prisoners because that AI assistance. Prior to your an initial bandit camp in the sacred Lands, look because that an NPC nearby. Nil proves to it is in an maybe companion throughout Horizon Zero dawn if friend befriend him.

Devil’s ThirstHollow FortTwo-TeethGatelandsShattered KilnBlackwing Snag


Tallnecks are to Horizon Zero Dawn what towers are to Assassin"s Creed and Far Cry - yet they"re only a couple of of them, thankfully. Her goal is always to fight or sneak through adjacent machines so you have the right to reach a platform follow me the Tallneck"s patrol course high sufficient to permit you to jump onto its back. From over there it"s simple climb to the head to to fill out adjacent map icons.

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Devil’s ThirstCopper DeepsSun-StepsSpearshaftsRustwash

Corrupted Zones

There space 11 corrupted area on the map. They don"t have actually names, yet they"re difficult to miss. Tallnecks will disclose them ~ above the map.