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tiny wedding venue in Austin, TX. Invite as much as 30 guests!

Out-of-town guests will certainly love our spacious south Austin suites with totally free WiFi.

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Near Brodie Homestead, Mercury Hall, Vuka Collective, Dragonfly Hall and also other venues.

Our pet friendly hotel will ensure that no member of the family gets left behind.

We’ll aid you setup your wedding and also you’ll obtain special rates as soon as you to make reservation a block of rooms.

AV aid (slideshows and also videos) are obtainable for every events.

Plan an inspired Event

Attendee Booking Tools


we can carry out you with a unique free Reservation link that provides it easy for her guests to reserve their rooms.

common in an email Embed in a website Personalized v your team name, occasion dates, hotel, and also special rates shown in multiple language on domains worldwide

Manage Your occasion with Ease

Group Lists

If you have a list of your guests, we can make appointments for all of them.

Rooming Lists

We deserve to send friend a report reflecting which of your guests have actually reserved rooms and also when they arrangement to arrive.

Mobile Check-In

Guests can examine in before their stay, receive immediate alerts as soon as their room is ready and also check out by skipping the former desk.


Reward you yourself Earn approximately 60,000 plus upstream status, discounts and more.


Capacity Chart

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Dimensions(LxWxH) Bedford 23x25x8.5 525 30 25 16 12 16 16

Room Set-Up Examples



Conference and also Hollow Square

Appropriate because that interactive discussions and note-taking sessions because that fewer 보다 25 people. Many hotels have actually elegant "boardrooms" for 10 come 20 people, equipped with full audiovisual capabilities, a creating board, cork board and also a upper and lower reversal chart.


E-shape, U-shape and also T-shape

Appropriate for teams of fewer than 40 people. These are best for interaction with a leader sit at the head of the setup. Audiovisual is normally best set up in ~ the open end of the seating.


Generally provided for meals and sessions involving little group discussions. A 5 foot round table seat eight people comfortably. A six foot round table seats 10 civilization comfortably.

Schoolroom or Classroom

The most desirable setup for medium to large-size lectures. Calls for a relatively big room. Tables administer attendees with room for dispersing out materials and also taking notes.


Stand-up social function where beverages and light foodstuffs are served. Foodstuffs may be presented on small buffet tables or pass by servers. Might precede a meal function.


Appropriate for large sessions and also short lectures that execute not require comprehensive note-taking. This is a practically setup to use prior to breaking into conversation or role-playing groups due to the fact that chairs can be moved.

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Ovals and also Rounds

Generally provided for meals and also sessions involving little group discussions. A 5 foot ring table seat eight world comfortably. A 6 foot ring table seat 10 world comfortably.

you re welcome note: all room sizes space approximate.
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