FACEBOOK users space struggling to eliminate the French flag filter from their social media profile pictures, however here"s the fix.

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Facebook users are having actually trouble removed the French flag filter from their profile pictures

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In the wake up of the destructive terror strikes in Paris, Facebook enabled users come overlay the French flag throughout their profile picture to salary tribute come the 129 world who died.

Users to be able to superimpose red, white and also blue stripes across their existing picture by clicking the "customise your profile picture" option.

The hugely famous US society network proactively entacoemojishirt.comuraged human being to customise their photos to "support France and also the world of Paris."

When customising their profile picture, Facebook users are given the option to let the French flag expire ~ a day, a week, a month – or last forever.

Unfortunately, the just other method to remove the overlay is to merely pick your previous file picture.

Navigate to your profile page on Facebook, hover over her profile snapshot and click the "Update file Picture" choice which appears.


Facebook customers were given the choice to let the French flag expire ~ a day, a mainly or a month

This lets users pick a vault photograph, there is no the overlaid French flag filter.

Some individuals have additionally tacoemojishirt.commplained the filter walk not eliminate itself automatically, even after the moment limit has expired.

"This is something the Facebook must be fixing," one user blasted on the social network"s support page.

"We had actually a selection of just how long to leaving the flag "on" and also its not working. Pretty annoyed.

"I shouldn"t need to do anything, should have actually been automatic!"


Users to be able come superimpose red, white and blue stripes throughout their existing photograph

Another user tacoemojishirt.commplained about the exact same issue, posting: "I had it because that "one day" and also its still over there ... Cannot remove it, really frustrated ..."

"I collection the time border to one hour at about 7 am and the flag is tho there?" one more Facebook user tacoemojishirt.commplained top top its support pages.

Following the terror attacks, Facebook likewise activated that Safety inspect feature.


Alongside the profile snapshot tribute, Facebook also rolled out its Safety inspect feature for Paris

The clever safety role – which the Californian firm an initial introduced after ~ the Nepal earthquake, ago in April – allows users come check and also actacoemojishirt.comunt for friends and also family in an influenced area.

Users can also update their on facebook friends that they room safe.

Speaking around the feature, Zuckerberg formerly said: "Over the last few years there have been numerous disasters and crises where human being have turned to the internet for help.

"Each time, us see human being use on facebook to inspect on your loved ones and also see if they"re safe.

"tacoemojishirt.comnnecting with people is constantly valuable, but these room the moments once it matters most.

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"Safety check is our method of help our tacoemojishirt.commmunity during natural disasters and also gives you simple and simple method to speak you’re safe and check ~ above all her friends and also family in one place."

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