You have three options:- You have the right to either drive there you yourself (see automobile rental below),- use a vehicle service like Henry in ~ (787) 632-9600 - he\"s obtained some very an excellent reviews in the Forum- usage the public auto system (público):If you gain to mountain Juan before noon, you can make it to Fajardo by using the public auto system (\"carros públicos\"). Offer yourself at least 4 hours to make sure you obtain to Fajardo ~ above time. First, take the bus via Old mountain Juan ($1.50) or a taxi from the airport to the city of Rio Piedras (about $20), ask the driver to take you to the Rio Piedras main public car station and also to leave you at the stop for the car going come Fajardo \"playa\" (beach). This publicos will certainly take you directly to the Fajardo ferry boats or come the Fajardo airport.If the \"Fajardo Playa\" vans are currently gone, you deserve to still take the car on the continuous Fajardo plaza route. Unless the driver agrees to take you every the method to the airplane or harbor (they room not supposed to do it) friend will finish at the Fajardo plaza whereby you will certainly take another public car to the airport or ferries. The entirety trip in public auto costs less than $6 per person.- or take it a taxi come Fajardo:The P.R. Travel office in san Juan 1-800-866-5829 said me (on 12/2006) the a taxi indigenous the airport come Fajardo will charge you on the meter. They have the right to not provide me specific dollar amount but estimate it will be about $80. The best # of people in a taxi is 5. Once you gain to the plane at san Juan, check with ground Transpotation Dispatchers (or girlfriend may contact their office at (787) 253-5491).Rent a one means car.If her party is bigger than 2 human being or you have actually a the majority of luggage, you deserve to save part money by renting a one way car at the worldwide airport and also driving to Fajardo. Leaseway (787) 791-5900 will rent friend a one means car indigenous $32 come $60 (minivan), to add insurance $10-$12, and a drop charge of $25, because that a full of about $67-97. They deserve to pick girlfriend up in ~ the san Juan international Airport, you drive to your Fajardo branch (787) 806-5000, and also they take it you to the Fajardo port. Or you deserve to do this in reverse. L&M auto rental (787) 860-6868 has comparable service available.

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Some seasoned travelers recommend paris to Culebra and also on the method back driving and also stopping in ~ El Yunque, the just tropical forest in the U.S. National woodland System.

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