The Nintendo move is a good portable an equipment that depends on a Lithium Ion battery to keep working.

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The battery is situated inside the case and can be changed if that goes bad.

How lengthy it takes come charge, battery life, and also other questions deserve to all vary.

Below room the most generally asked questions around the Switch and the battery.

How long Does it take to Charge Nintendo Switch v a Dead Battery? The median charge time for a dead Nintendo switch battery is 3.5 Hours.

This, the course, deserve to vary on numerous factors such together battery health, age, and more.

how Long go the Switch must Charge prior to It turns On? The battery will certainly usually need at the very least a 1 percent charge prior to it transforms on.

A 1 percent charge have to be accessible after 10-15 minute of charging.

How long Does it Take for a Nintendo switch to fee to 1 Percent? A switch will generally charge to 1 Percent in 10-15 minutes.

The results will vary and also depend if the dock is usage or wall surface charger and also the health of the battery.

How lengthy Will the Nintendo move Battery Last during Game Play? different batteries have actually been supplied in the Switch and also can be inspect by looking in ~ the serial number.

A Switch v a serial number that starts with “XK”, has a battery life that 4.5-9 hours.A Switch through a serial number that starts v “XA”, has actually a battery life of 2.5-6.5 hours.The switch Lite has actually a battery life the 3-7 hours.

What is the Nintendo switch Battery Life? The Nintendo Switch uses a lithium-ion battery the will slowly degrade after every charge.

It is at this time rated to degrade by 80 percent after 800 fee cycles.

Besides, fee cycles temperature can also affect how long the battery will last.

It is renowned that warm damages lithium-ion batteries and also can substantially reduce the life span.

exactly how Long till Shutdown with Waring Flashing 1 Percent fee Left? when the battery is drained and has 1 percent left, it will start warning the user.

With a 1 percent charge, the Switch will certainly have around 7-9 minutes of playtime left.

This will, of course, differ on the game being played, display brightness, battery age, and so on.

What To do If the Battery will Not Charge and Turn ~ above If the battery does no charge, there have the right to be countless issues, indigenous a poor battery to a loose connection.

It is usually finest not to usage the dock and to fee the unit directly with the wall charger overnight.

If the unit does not charge, the battery may need replacing.

Nintendo switch Battery Maintenance and also Care The Nintendo Switch provides a lithium-ion i beg your pardon is extensively used and also has renowned characteristics.

Basic care and maintenance will certainly go a long method to extend your battery life.

Here are some straightforward maintenance tips because that the Nintendo Switch and for any type of lithium-ion batteries.

Keep The Unit and also Battery at Room Temperature

It is finest to store the unit in between 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius ) and also 77 levels Fahrenheit (25 Celsius).

This method no too much temperature, such together a hot auto during the summer or outside during the winter.

The warmth is the biggest cause of failure in Nintendo switch batteries and also reduces the life span.

Don’t Constantly completely Drain the Battery

Lithium-ion batteries do not like to it is in drained to a dead state together they do not have actually a charge memory.

It is best for the battery to usage partial-discharge cycles.

This way charging the battery as soon as it access time 20-30 percent is the ideal option.

Experts state that after 30 charges to let that drain fully but not constantly.

Extended Storage

If you setup to store the switch it is recommended to discharge the battery to around 40 percent and store it in a cool place.

Storing a completely charged lithium-ion battery is not finest as a high charge has the highest possible oxidation, i m sorry can slowly break points down.

have the right to a Nintendo switch Battery be Replaced?

Yes, the battery can be changed with some minimal skills.

Several screws will need to be removed along with the case.

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There are plenty of YouTube videos showing the steps to change the battery.

Summary The Nintendo move is a great device through a Lithium Ion battery built-in that renders the unit highly portable.

Lithium Ion batteries have actually known characteristics that deserve to make them last longer with the right care and also maintenance.

With care, the unit must last a long while.

Problems through the battery deserve to happen, particularly as the ages and also has countless charge cycles.

The heat can reason Lithium Ion to easily breakdown, and also drastically shorten that is life span.

If the battery walk bad, it have the right to be changed with plenty of DIY YouTube videos.

Have girlfriend had troubles with the Nintendo switch Battery? allow us know your think below.