《Demon lord of the Soul, Krebskulm》 is the ruler of the collapse (Demonic Beings).After being released native Rem's seal throughout the Demon King revival Ceremony, she at an initial had the illustration of what friend would suppose from a Demon Lord. A giant humanoid body. She had actually a stature that was approximately three meters tall (Diablo, gift a tall person himself, just reached up to her waist). A long and also narrow torso the resembled that of a snake. The surface ar of her body to be glossy black color in color and gave the impression of gift a tough surface choose that of one insect. She head had actually two, curved horns cultivation out that it v a total of 5 red, shining eyes on her challenge (two on each side and also one in the center). From her back, gigantic and dazzling wings of light sprang forth. It was a important sinister form.However, a few moments later, for some unknown reason, she shrank down and also had turned into a really young girl also smaller 보다 Rem and also had a charm resembling the of a little animal. Farming from the left and also right political parties of she head, she had curved horns prefer that that a goat. Her ear were long like the of one Elf. She eyes to be a purple color that was comparable to amethyst, her blonde, cream-colored hair the was placed up into two tufts grew down to her knees, and also from above her butt, there was a lizard tail hanging down and flopping about. What she wore was a dress through fluttery frills with openings on them mirroring off she shoulders and stomach. Once she very first entered Faltra City with Diablo's group, she had to stay Alicia's mantle as a robe in order come hide she horns and also tail so the she have the right to pretend come be one of the demi-human races. However, as soon as she and Edelgard were uncovered by Mei to be Fallen, Mei assisted to disguise her and also Edelgard since they were paying customers. After Mei supplied her assembly techniques, Krem to be made come wear one idol-like outfit. Due to the fact that she had actually transparent-like skin that had no require for assembly eyeshadow was put on she eyelids, and eyeliner was placed on the underside. V a hat, her horns to be made come look choose decorations. In order come hide she tail, she wore a parasol-like skirt. She's actually a very sweet and happy child. As long as she isn't directly provoked, she's perfect fine with "live and also let live," return she occasionally voices the desire to burn up people en masse once she gets impatient. She's wholly innocent, cheerful, gentle and kind, as lengthy as she's no deliberately provoked.

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Also in she berserker mode, she's no mindless. If it's true the she can't tell friend from foe, she does find out from she actions.