She is a dancer, comedian, and artist indigenous the unified States. She made her Broadway debut in Matilda the musical at the age of nine while gift born in new Jersey. She likewise appeared v the Abby Lee Dance firm on the eighth season of dance Moms. Furthermore, the competition has lastly begun, and in true Abby Lee fearbut form, she currently has a No. 1 dancer in she sights. Examine out the file to learn much more about GiaNina Paolantonio’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Weight, network Worth, Family, Career, and several other amazing facts around her!

Quick Facts

GiaNina Paolantonio Bio, Age, family

Who is GiaNina Paolantonio?  Her birthday is June 10th, 2005. She is just 15 years old. She is of combined descent and has American nationality. Her zodiac authorize is Gemini. She to be born in the United claims of America.

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Height, load & human body Measurement

GiaNina Paolantonio posing for a photograph Source: Instagram

GiaNina Paolantonio network Worth 

What is the network worth that GiaNina Paolantonio? In terms of earnings and also net worth, she social networking tasks will generate a sizable amount of money. However, She may make a respectable living, Her estimated net precious is $7 million.

Boyfriend, marriage & partnership Status

Who is GiaNina Paolantonio’s Boyfriend? She hasn’t claimed much about her love life. She is now single and devoted to her work. She wishes to success an Oscar for best Actress someday.

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She still has actually brothers. Joey, her older child, is her just sibling.In 2017, she co-starred with Hugh Jackman in the film The greatest Showman.She collaborated through Mariah Carey top top her all I want for Christmas Is friend tour.She to be a part of the huge Battle run Crew on Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync fight Shorties Season 2 in 2018.She take it on the functions of a Knicks City Kid and a Brooklyn Nets Kid.Her net worth is intended to be an ext than $700,000 in 2020. (USD).She is really popular on social media and also has a huge fan base there.
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