as soon as I produce a new paper in GIMP, the default canvas is not centered and also is aligned to top:

This creates difficulties because, if through a slight mistake ns go above the canvas, the menus are clicked accidentally. This is awkward. I desire to facility the canvas.

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I have actually tried in preferences but I found no relevant option there.

I tried view>>Navigation; clicking one of the bottom buttons enlarges it but there is no option to center the canvas. How have the right to I facility the canvas for instance in this video. Https:// disregard the components of the video and its title. I am talking about the way canvas is presented in his GIMP window.)



Ctrl-Shift-J adhered to by 1 will facility the picture in the canvas.

But I"m surprised her Gimp job-related that way, when I open photo in Gimp that is focused in the canvas.


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