Time far is now available to every Sellers and also automatically update the shipping day to do the experience an ext seamless.


Last month we introduced the new Time Away function for all sellers therefore they have the right to let your customers know nearly in real-time when they’re on holidays or far from selling. 

Like an “out the office” reply, the brand-new Time away feature enables sellers to schedule your absences and notify customers through an automatic post while lock away, therefore buyers recognize what come expect. Additionally, through the tool, sellers can select if they’d favor to stop or continue their listings top top eBay. Because that our buyers, they can see updated approximated delivery days for items by a seller who has actually turned on the time Away feature.

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As us innovate on behalf of our customers in developing features choose Time Away, we strive to it is in the seller platform of choice across ours marketplace as part of ours tacoemojishirt.com-led reimagination. 

How that Works


Sellers can accessibility the Time Away feature through numerous ways, consisting of their Account Settings, the Seller Hub and also My eBay pages.

For sellers who’d prefer to hide their listings while on break, they deserve to use the pause Selling options in Time far to automatically hide and also unhide their listings based upon their time far start and end dates, with just 1-2 hours for the alters to take effect. 

Pausing sales will hide a seller’s fixed-price listings indigenous search outcomes on eBay and also block checkout on your listings if they’re away. Please note that auctions will continue unless a seller manually cancels them. 


Sellers who’d choose to continue selling when away will no longer need to manually upgrade their shipping and also handling time for their inventory. Our new Time Away attribute will automatically change the handling due/dispatch timeline and the approximated delivery day so that buyers know what to expect. A post will be presented on the listings letting buyers know about their absence, return date and also the expected delays, including an to update estimated delivery date.

Sellers also can change their settings, adjust their end day or cancel their Time Away condition at any type of time.

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This feature rolled the end in September as the vacation season approaches, therefore sellers can prepare in advancement for any type of well-deserved breaks, permitting them to relax and also enjoy their vacation.

The new feature is obtainable to all eBay sellers global on desktop computer and is an update of our original “Vacation Settings” function experience, which previously had actually only been accessible to store subscribers.