I have a inquiry I can not solve. I began my rhino version with meters however it necessary to be centimeters, therefore I readjusted the units to centimeters ( unit settings) but my text unit is tho on meter eventhough I readjusted to centimeters? How have the right to I adjust it come centimeters?

You no supply enough detail to know.

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When you readjusted Units, walk you say Yes come scaling? Yes would mean, “I messed up and also thought i was modeling in centimeters”. No would certainly be supplied when, “I knew I remained in meters yet need to switch to centimeters”.

The following step is to walk modify the named dimension styles you’re using. They to be originally set up to work correctly through Meters from the theme file. Climate will must be adjusted for the brand-new unit change.

You can readjust the unit in choices -> Doc nature -> devices to centimeters.

A another good approach, is to model in one unit system and dimension in another.You can develop a measurement style that has actually text the represents the component in centimeters, also thought the version unit is meter. Check out the attached example 3DM.

If you have a version that is not changing unit as soon as you select it, please post it or email tech


I forget come open tiny objects- centimeters, so once I i found it that i waited till i had everything done so I can scale it come meters, however didn’t find to perform so, however thanks for her answer!

I’m in search of the same feature as well, cant find how come tell Rhino to give me the “Area” building in a various units 보다 the paper units.

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Yes, look on the TextField dialog - (From annotation dialogs, click fx)DimArea doesn’t execute it automatically, however you can edit the text or do a brand-new leader through an Area message field.


Thanks Lowell,

I realised I have actually actually found this write-up on a home windows tag, but I am on a Mac… perform you occur to have a attach on just how to perform this in Mac?



_DocumentProperties → units



HI Tom,

Thanks, I have actually used this before, and have a series of different dimension values, however still does not seem to work-related for DimArea dimensions