How have the right to I adjust weapons? I have most the them at the ammunition store however I can not equip them. I have actually looked for videos and the video game controls however nothing has actually worked. I have tried an altering the tab switch so that ns can obtain the wheel up in the pistol store yet nothing works. Just how do i swap in between weapons (such together pistols and shotguns)?



You deserve to cycle through all of your weapons by tapping tab, or scrolling your mousewheel.

It is also feasible to use the number buttons (1,2,3 etc.) come cycle with weapons. If for example, "1" is pistols, you deserve to cycle through all of your pistols through tapping 1 lot of times.

There is one much more way, the one ns think is the best, come cycle with your weapons, and also multiple ones in a category. Girlfriend just hold down tab, and also you acquire to see the entire weapon wheel. V the computer mouse you deserve to select any of the weapon categories, and also while tho holding under tab you deserve to scroll her mousewheel to cycle through firearms in the category.

If you"re playing singleplayer, the last one will likewise slow down the game. You"ll have actually plenty of time to select your weapon. The other ones don"t impact game speed.

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If girlfriend buy a new weapon at ammu-nation, it will be added to your weapon wheel. Over there is no limit on weapons you can carry.

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