During the creative process, you’re likely to have several artboards for different versions of her ideas. As soon as you finally decide on the final version and also need come send the paper to clients, climate you’ll just keep the final version and also delete the rest. 

Delete, I median the entirety artboard rather of the objects on that artboard. If you’re tho struggling and wondering why as soon as you choose all and delete yet the artboard is tho there, you in the best place.

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In this article, you’ll uncover the solution. You deserve to delete artboards native the Artboards panel or utilizing the Artboards Tool.

Without additional ado, stop dive in!

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2 methods to Delete Artboard in Adobe IllustratorOther Questions

2 methods to Delete Artboard in Adobe Illustrator

Either technique you choose, the literally only takes two measures to delete one artboard in Illustrator. If you choose technique 1 and also have not sure where to find your Artboards panel, inspect if it’s open by going to the overhead menu and selecting Window > Artboards.


Step 2: press the Delete crucial on your keyboard.

Same together above, the design will stay on the working space, just select and delete it and you’re every set.

Other Questions

You might additionally want to check out the answers come these concerns that other designers have.

Why can’t ns delete Artboard in Illustrator?

I i think you’re seeing the garbage bin symbol grayed out? That’s since if girlfriend only have one artboard, friend won’t have the ability to delete it.

Another opportunity is the you didn’t pick the artboard. If you click the artboard itself and hit the Delete key, the will only delete the objects top top the artboard, not the artboard itself. You have to use the Artboard tool or pick the artboard on the Artboard dashboard to delete it.

Why can’t i delete objects ~ above the artboard I just deleted?

Check if her objects room locked. Most likely they are, therefore you’ll need to unlock them. Go to the overhead menu and also select Object > Unlock All. Climate you should be able to select the objects and also delete them.

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How to hide artboards in Illustrator?

When you produce a collection of designs, you might want come preview them come see exactly how they look with each other on a white background rather of separate artboards. You can hide the artboards utilizing the key-board shortcut Command (Crtl for home windows users) + Shift + H.

Last yet Not The Least

Deleting objects on artboards and also deleting artboards are various things. As soon as you export or save your file, if you no delete the artboard that you don’t want also it’s empty, It’ll still show. For certain you don’t want your client to see an empty web page on her work, right?

All I desire to say is, it’s essential to delete unnecessary artboards and also keep her workspace clean