Drawing lines sounds easy but I entirely understand why you’re struggling with it because that was just how I began as well. The most complicated part was, not knowing where to begin or which tool to use.

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There are plenty of ways girlfriend can draw lines in Illustrator, straight lines, curve lines, also spirals. Illustrator already has a couple of ready-to-use devices that create lines in seconds, and you can constantly use the powerful pen tool to draw any lines friend want.

In this tutorial, you will do it learn how to attract lines using four drawing tools and when to use which.

4 ways to draw Lines in Adobe Illustrator

The heat Segment device is great for illustration straight lines, but if you desire to draw curve lines, you’ll need to use the pen device or pencil because that freehand lines. The spiral tool makes it for this reason much easier if you’re illustration a spiral line/shape.

Note: every screenshots space taken native Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 Mac version. Home windows or various other versions have the right to look different.

Line Segment Tool

The straightforward idea is, click on the artboard to choose a starting point and drag the heat to an finishing point.

If you require to attract a basic straight line, the easiest method is to use the Line Segment Tool ().


I do have actually a thorough pen tool tutorial explaining how it works if you not familiar with the pen tool. Read: How to usage the Pen Tool.

Spiral Tool

You could think that illustration spiral lines must be quite difficult, yet did you know that there’s actually a Spiral Tool? I’ll display you where it is.

It’s not reflecting on the straightforward toolbar, yet you can always find that from the Edit Toolbar option.

Click on the modify Toolbar menu, find the Spiral Tool and also drag it to the toolbar (anywhere friend want). I placed mine together with the Arc tool.

You can adjust how it looks by clicking the artboard with the tool selected and readjust the setups in this dialog box.

Radius determines the distance from the center to the furthest suggest in the spiral. Decay specifies how much each wind of the spiral decreases relative to the ahead wind. You can collection the number of Segments the spiral has. Each complete wind has four segments. Style allows you to select the direction that the spiral, clockwise or counterclockwise.

It have the right to take some time to explore at the beginning due to the fact that it’s hard to figure out what worths to put, but you’ll gain there.

If you desire to change the line thickness, fill, or punch color, friend can adjust it from the Properties dashboard > Appearance.

Pencil Tool

The Pencil tool is perfect for drawing freehand lines, even much better if you have actually a Wacom tablet. You deserve to use that to develop freehand illustrations.

Select the Pencil Tool (N) from the toolbar and start illustration just together you would utilizing pen and paper.

Final Words

Now the you’ve acquired the an easy idea of illustration lines, just get some exercise to make good use the the tools. The magic of Illustrator is, there’s always a tool that can make points easier.

Line segment device for right lines, pen device for make shapes, pencil device for producing a freehand drawing, etc. You name it.

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