Today’s accuse will be over how to attract Jake native the Adventure Time present on Cartoon Network. Finn and Jake have kind that a cult following, so you can be certain I have actually received this request an ext than once.

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Let’s gain started!


The very first step to drawing Jake is to draw a simple oval which will certainly be the basic of his body.

As you deserve to see, this oval is relatively flat on the top and also bottom– almost much more of a rectangle 보다 an oval.


The layout of art in Adventure Time is very simple. So, because that Jake’s legs, us are simply going to attract two slim legs that end in virtually perfectly oval feet.

Jake’s legs have to be about a third the height of his body.


Jake’s arms space the precise same size and also shape together his legs. The only difference here is that his arms should be bending inward to do them rest on his hips.


Repeat the previous step for Jake’s various other arm, and also we deserve to now work-related on providing him a nose.

Jake is a bulldog, and as such, he needs to have actually his trademark floppy skin that hangs roughly his nose.

Draw a small oval sleep that rests in the middle of his jowl.


Jake’s ears are lopsided, v the farthest one generally being larger than the ear facing the viewer.

Give Jake a little smiling mouth with three or 4 rounded teeth.

At this point, Jake is pretty lot complete. All that’s left to do is to attract the inner circles of his eyes, and darken in Jake’s mouth.

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I expect you’ve appreciated this tutorial. Don’t forget to comment and also like united state on Facebook.

Thanks everyone!

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