anyone have any tricks for obtaining yourself come eat your load after you shed the urge? and also I"ve do the efforts legs over the head thing - really hard to hit mine mouth. Sometimes I edge because that hours and get for this reason cum hungry? (I love precum too)
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Re: exactly how to eat your very own cum

anyone have any type of tricks for acquiring yourself to eat your fill after you shed the urge? and also I"ve do the efforts legs over the head point - really difficult to hit mine mouth. Periodically I edge because that hours and also get for this reason cum hungry? (I love precum too)
I think everyone has that problem when they first start out. You really gotta desire it. And it"s most likely gonna it is in the same procedure for you when it come time to take someone else"s...very few regret that though. One of life"s ideal gifts in my opinion lol.

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Cum right into a shoot glass. Then conserve that for the next time you get horny and also masterbate. Climate lick it the end while girlfriend jerk off!
When ns masturbate ns lick what runs down my hand, and also wipe the rest off my body with my finger and the lick it.
I favor to suck ~ above a reality dildo while i jerk off. I"ll generally hold the in one than and cum ~ above the head & upper component of the shaft, quickly stuffing the entirety thing in mine mouth as soon as finished. It makes me want to carry out it much more than just cumming in mine hand. Not fairly as an excellent as a genuine cock, yet not bad!
I usage a few ways to obtain my cum eating it out of my wife cumming in my hand or on a table and also licking it up feet over my head and also letting the drop into my open up mouth and cumming top top a males cock and also licking the up been eating my own since I was 13
A small practice with the legs over the head position is required however it"s a good method. If you prevent stroking just before you shoot and slide a dildo in your ass, it may assist you to shoot and still organize your desire. Functions for me, yet we are all constructed differently.
I have actually tried different ways of eat my own cum. I"ve jacked turn off over a bowl of fruit before and are it. Scooped that up and ate it as it oozes out my piss slit. End a salad, head end heels to be by far the hottest i was prefer begging because that it in mine mouth. Then at some point if you just wait a few minutes after you shoot your load, climate u can lick the up!
anyone have any type of tricks for acquiring yourself come eat your pack after you shed the urge? and I"ve tried legs end the head thing - really tough to hit mine mouth. Periodically I edge for hours and get so cum hungry? (I love precum too)
i placed on a condom castle poked a straw through the tip and jerked as soon as i felt my self about to cum i suck the straw and also i obtained a creamy suprise
I"ve thought about it numerous times, yet just might never go through with it. I"ve cum in bowls or glasses, but completely lost the urge as soon as the boys reached escape velocity. I"ve excellent the legs over the head thing. Offered the correct edge (and force), I likewise used to have the ability to cum directly into my mouth. Through the cum already in my mouth, you"d think that would resolve the problem. Not so. If the action of the cum shooting into my mouth was hot, I could not remove it fast enough. Clearly some type of psychological block...
I am the same - I desire to eat it so negative but as I to be cumming I shed the urge. Occasionally if i edge real close i can acquire a small out - that tastes for this reason fucking good and renders me so horny i cum right after that anyway!
Hi AC,Your profile states that you are a F/F couple, and also yet what you define sounds prefer a male point (unless if you space a woman trying come squirt right into your own mouth?).As a male who has actually gone with this really phenomenon, i have found that once I masturbate alone I always lose the urge to consume my very own cum afterwards. Just a couple of times in my life have I to be able to carry out the legs-in-the-air-shoot-into-my-mouth thing, and also it seemed prefer it was an ext work than it was worth. The difference for me that provides consuming my very own cum enjoyable and also easy to do is to have actually a partner. I gain either licking that off your body, eat a cream pie out of a pussy, or share a wet sloppy french kiss and having it snowballed earlier to me.

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My brother, through his 7" cock, can suck himself off and cum in his own mouth. Me, through my 5" cock, was never ever that lucky. But, the never had actually to execute it much because he had me, I"d suck his cock for him, (as that did for me) then we"d make out and also snowball every others" cum ago and forth and swallow.
I love eat my very own cum. Sometimes I cum in my free hand and slurp that up. If ns don"t desire to do a chaos in my hand to have to clean up, i grab an empty prescription container beforehand and milk every fall of my cum right into it. Ns wrap mine lips approximately the top, then guideline the container and also pour it all the end onto my tongue and also swish it all around and savor every critical drop before swallowing it. The plastic is very slick and cum slides out very sensually and smoothly with hardly any type of waste or residue. The brown opaqueness the the bottle renders the cum invisible, therefore if the sight of cum is what turns you off or provides you shed your desire, this can be a good technique because that LOL
I"m with cuttin2dachase on this one. For periods I"d yearned to taste my very own jizz, but chickened out when the time came. Then sooner or later I was out on a wilderness hike, that was an extremely hot and also I"d stripped off to the buff, placing all my clothes in my backpack. I was horny as hell and also getting very thirsty. I came to a small clearing (there to be obviously no-one around for miles) and decided come jerk off. Ns knew it would certainly be a large load together I hadn"t wanked or had actually sex for more than a week. ~ above the spur the the last minute - as soon as you understand you"re past the suggest of no return - I organized my cupped hand in prior of my piss slit, forming a kind of smal bowl. The heat creamy jizz flooded in, to the really top. I lugged my hand as much as my mouth, then forming my tongue right into a sort of drinking straw, slurped the entirety lot down. Every cursed drop. It to be gorgeous. Warm, refreshing and also with a slim perfume taste. Currently I swallow mine cum every time ns wank off. I have the right to recommend it. Oh and BTW: if you go on a regimen of pineapple juice, it tastes even better!