No matter, even if it is you’re an simple user or Android Geek, at some allude of time, you’ll have to know around Developer option. In basics, this are set of functions help to manager Android phones an ext appropriately.

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These room the accuse to rotate on the Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge and make it more useful. If you’ve ever heard around or offered developer alternatives on one Android gadgets then most likely know how it is important and also helps to use smartphones more conveniently.

Most importantly, once you enable the Developer options on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 sheet or any other Android an equipment then we can easily rotate on the USB Debugging on it which makes easy to transfer documents from device to computer through USB cable. It becomes mass storage machine when that is connected to PC.

Apart, if you space an Android developer, climate Developer alternatives is peak on the checklist together it helps to test and also debug countless of the tasks and commands.

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gained the Developer choices Enabled? try these tips to usage it:
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How come Enable Developer choices on Samsung Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge

The complete procedure is an extremely simple, just follow the listed below steps:

Step 1: Open ‘Settings’.

Step 2: role down and tap on ‘About Device’ menu.

Step 3: Under it, scroll down and also locate ‘Software info’ and tap on it.

Steps 4: now look for ‘Build Number’ under the options.

Step 5: madness seven-times ~ above ‘Build Number’ and after it, you’ll be told that you are now a developer.

Step 6: Go earlier to Settings and also there you’ll obtain Developer alternatives displayed there at the bottom of the list.


That’s it!

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If you feel uncomfortable through these written measures then follow listed below video, that shows these in really helpful and easy manner.

Video Tutorial

Video Credits: phonesandmore

Now you’ve enable the Developer alternatives on your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge and now you might turn ~ above the USB Debugging setting over it.

Got the Developer alternatives Enabled? shot these advice to use it:

1# allow USB Debugging – basically it helps to establish a connection in between phone and also PC for deliver purpose. To enable USB Debugging follow below steps:

Open SettingsLook for Developer choices and Tap on it.Under it, check the USB debugging box and also give a check to it.

That’s it!

2# improve performance – yes you read it right! Though most of the moment we discuss around clearing our devices and also using other utilities to store our tools fast and smooth yet very couple of people recognize that we could improve power through settings Animations time and limiting transitions.

We have already published a post on improving performance the Samsung’s devices that covers this part as well and you could follow that → here. There we have mentioned couple of more approaches as we and I’m reasoning to compose separate short article for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as well.

How to eliminate Developer Options

If because that some reasons you would choose to go earlier and undo the Developer options then follow the listed below steps:

Open Settings on her device.Look because that Applications under it and tap on it.Now look because that ‘Settings’ and tap ~ above it.Perform ‘Clear Data’.

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That’s it. Look the is cancel now!

It warps our this tutorial and also we would certainly love to hear from you. Let’s us understand what ideal you like about this handset. Additionally checkout our short article →Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S7 in case you’ve bricked or damaged her device. The surely comes handy.