The year 2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, a concrete barrier that physical dived one city, when mentally dividing the entirety nation. This certain structure was set up by the German autonomous Republic in 1961 to avoid its citizen from coming to be exposed come fascist elements.

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The wall was perceived as a price of the ideological division expressed in an international terms throughout the Cold War yet was likewise a signifier or various social and social processes inaugurated by range of young civilization coming from assorted disciplines. When it involves visual arts, at the about same period one particular character started developing into the most significant artist the the second half of the 20th century and also that was Joseph Beuys.

The critical element that characterized the whole practice the this noteworthy figure, who was likewise an remarkable lecturer and theorist, was shamanism. Although this technique was already adopted by the Modernists such together Picasso, or throughout the early on post-war period by Jackson Pollock, it was Beuys who exploited it to the complete extent. By appropriating shamanistic and also psychoanalytic techniques, the artist check natural and also social sciences and plunged right into a ongoing multidisciplinary exploration of what humankind is concerning social and also political solution which inevitably tend to moderate, form, surveil and also control.

To be much more specific, Beuys usually worked with sculpture based on Duchamp’s principle of ready-made when engaging himself often in performativity. One of the first performances he performed was the groundbreaking How to define Pictures come a Dead Hare, or Wie man dem toten Hasen die Bilder erklärt, its initial German title. Namely, this details performance happened in 1965 in ~ the Galerie Schmela in Düsseldorf, in ~ the opening night the his an initial solo exhibition in a exclusive gallery.

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The context of Joseph Beuys Practice

By the time the power was released, Joseph Beuys was currently an established figure, primarily since in 1961 he became the professor that "monumental sculpture" in ~ the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. One year later, the met Nam June Paik, that was already a member the the Fluxus; the 2 became great friends, and Beuys normally participated in ~ this international movement, yet only for a short since he perceived the impacts of art"s economic and institutional structure differently. Fluxus was rooted in the heritage of radical Dada activities emerging throughout the WW I, and Beuys himself initially felt motivated by Marcel Duchamp indigenous the 1964 television broadcast; he claimed "Das Schweigen von Marcel Duchamp wird überbewertet" (The quiet of Marcel Duchamp is Overrated), and also this partnership with the heritage the readymade to represent a an essential aspect for understanding his practice.

Gradually, Beuys started operating on 4 fields that space constantly intersecting, covering from classic artworks (painting, drawing, and also sculpture), and new media such together performance and also installations, to contributions to arts theory and also academia, and social and political activism.

Regarding his shamanistic approach, the is essential to underline the artist’s enchantment with the esoteric philosophy of German mystic Rudolf Steiner. Believing in the transformational potential that art, Beuys arisen a shaman-like persona together a sort of an agenda controversial sufficient for criticism come be used to relevant political subjects.

In the paper definition of his art-making, this was expressed v a usage of unconventional sculptural materials such as fat, punishment wax, felt and also dead animals, when in a more philosophical and political feeling Beuys proclaimed the everyone is an artist, and also launched a principle of a society sculpture as an important element aimed to transform the society. His performative strategy was based on the combination of thought, speech, and also form, which was emphasized by the artist in his critical speech Speaking around Germany (Sprechen über Deutschland, 1985).

Video - Joseph Beuys - exactly how to describe Pictures come a Dead Hare

The Performance

For the purposes of how to define Pictures to a Dead Hare, Beuys locked the doors that the collection making the performance visible from the exterior through a shop window. His head was covered v honey and also gold leaf while explaining photos to a dead hare positioned in his hands.

The artist performed a sort of a guided tourism by showing/explaining each occupational to a dead animal; he would stop from time to time and also go back to the facility of the gallery whereby he stood end a dead pine laying on the floor. The public was invited to step inside after three hours while Beuys just stood like a sculpture through the hare on his arm.

The choice of this particular mammal was affiliated v its symbolical an interpretation present in miscellaneous myths and also traditions; because that instance, in Greek mythology, the hare was pertained to the love goddess Aphrodite; in Christianity, it stands together a symbol of the Resurrection.

The love husband mask Beuys wore during the performance suggests gold as a symbol for the sun, and purity, and honey together a germanic symbol because that rebirth. An additional aspect he wanted to underline is the an innovative power of bees and the way they organize and also maintain their ar (according come Rudolf Steiner bees stand for an ideal society of warmth and also brotherhood). Beuys when stated:

For me, the Hare is a prize of incarnation, i beg your pardon the hare really enacts- other a human can only carry out in imagination. That burrows, structure itself a residence in the earth. Therefore it incarnates chin in the earth: the alone is important. Therefore it appears to me. Honey on mine head, the course, has to do with thought. While humans do not have the capacity to develop honey, castle do have the ability to think, to produce ideas. Thus the stale and morbid nature of assumed is once again make living. Love husband is an undoubtedly living substance- human thoughts can likewise become alive. At the same time intellectualizing have the right to be deadly to thought: one can talk one"s mind to fatality in politics or in academia.

The composition recalls two crucial art history references - the most constant painting motif of west art and that is Pieta holding Christ in her arms, and the memento mori theme existing in the 16th century tho life genre. Some scholars even described the performance together "the Mona Lisa of our time".

Joseph Beuys - Sonne statt Reagan, 1982

The historic Importance of just how to explain Pictures to a Dead Hare

Looking indigenous the modern stance, this piece significant Joseph Beuys’s enntrance gate in a more articulated performative period; together a professor, the was already highly regarded and adored by the students, but as a performer, the was just coming right into the spotlight.

This maturation phase, if we could call it that, to be further prolonged with the celebrated performance v living coyote titled prefer America and America Likes Me. The performance was an instant success although it did operate with an eerie, ritualistic type of aesthetic. It to be provoking and also intended to support transcends for the sake of secret or questioning.

Regardless of the spiritual aspect, exactly how to define Pictures to a Dead Hare was additionally a socio-politically fee critique that the German society that passed through an outstanding transformation with the erected wall surface and the Soviet design on one side, and the process of Americanization and the flow of consumerism on the other.

This type of interpretation is essential in the irradiate of Beuys’s later advancement and the increment the his politics engagement. Currently in 1967, Beuys co-founded a couple of of political establishments - the German student Party (1967), the organization for straight Democracy v Referendum (1971), and the free International college for Creativity and also Interdisciplinary research study (presented in ~ documenta 6 in 1977 and also elsewhere), one of the establishments that established the German eco-friendly Party in 1980.

The artist also contributed to the proliferation that the college student protests in 1968 and also gradually came to be publicly known as the spokesperson for the environmentalist issues, and a strong opponent to atom weapons. Beuys’s artworks native the later on years resonate with political convictions the the groups he to be affiliated with; the ideal example is the track and video clip Sun rather of Reagan! from 1982 which straight opposes the American president together the leading representative of nuclear politics.

The factor why his activism was mentioned below was to show how concentrated Beuys to be while articulating the reality. The impression is that that he supplied shamanism much more for the functions of theatricality than as a device for spirituality transcendence. Although the entirety of his exercise is regularly hard to master with a solitary text, what makes exactly how to explain Pictures to a Dead Hare so vital is that it encapsulates almost all the layers of Beuys’s approach from his understanding in make an artist persona, myths and also storytelling, anthropology, psychoanalyzes and philosophy, dematerialization that the art object (a determining aspect for theoretical art), and also spectacle. In enhancement to this case is another quotation native the artist:

Even a dead pet preserves more powers of intuition 보다 some people with your stubborn rationality. Person thinking was qualified of achieving for this reason much, but it could also be intellectualized to a deadly degree, and remain dead, and also express that deadliness in the political and also pedagogical fields.

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The final confirmation that this is one the the most necessary pieces of power art ever before created come after Marina Abramović reenacted it in ~ her series Seven easy Pieces in ~ the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in brand-new York in 2005.

Joseph Beuys & the coyote (I favor America and also America likes me), 1974

Editors’ Tip: What is Art?: Conversation through Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys’s work proceeds to influence and also inspire practitioners and also thinkers anywhere the world, in locations from organizational learning, direct democracy and new money creates to brand-new art pedagogies and ecological arts practices. Here, in dialogue v Volker Harlan - a nearby colleague, whose own work also revolves approximately understandings of substance and sacrament the are main to Beuys - the depths motivations and insights underlying ‘social sculpture’, Beuys’s increased conception of art, are illuminated. His extensive reflections, complemented through insightful essays through Volker Harlan, provide a sense of the interconnectedness in between all life forms, and also the structures of a path towards one ecologically sustainable future. This volume features over 40 b/w illustrations.