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Audio-sharing communication SoundCloud has been functioning on farming its audience of listener (as protest to contents creators) end the past couple of years. It began with a website redesign and today, the laser emphasis on the listener is coming to the iOS app.

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The app was formerly a “Swiss army knife,” says Mustafa Sezgin, SoundCloud’s director of mobile Engineering. It supplied to be a tool for both creators and also consumers of audio, through the capability to perform things like upload audio right from the app. Now, with less complicated navigation, cleaner file pages and also a brand-new interface that’s light on buttons, heavy on gestures, it’s much more of a “lean back and enjoy experience,” Sezgin explains.

Indeed, together a SoundCloud listener, the brand-new app is a pleasure to use. Searching for tracks and also playlists is a breeze, and the listening display screen is a point of beauty.

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The relationship in between SoundCloud and third-party developer was dubbed into question this week once the team behind Soundflake, an app that acted as an alternate interface for SoundCloud (and one us praised once we the review it), announced that SoundCloud had actually asked castle to withdraw the app permanently.

Sezgin says that if SoundCloud admires the work-related of the Soundflake team, the app’s core functionality damaged the terms of service of the SoundCloud API agreement. Comparable to Twitter’s approach, SoundCloud is greatly restricting third-party developer to certain it continues to be in control of the core user suffer as much as possible.

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There’s no word on once the SoundCloud Android app may obtain a similar upgrade, however the iOS upgrade is easily accessible now.

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