While you might blame age, children or stress, the most likely culprit is a sagging mattress.

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Thankfully – there’s an easy fix that won’t involve a hit to the wallet – plywood.

Plywood can get rid of the droop, extend the life of her mattress, and also ensure a an excellent night’s sleep.

In this article, we describe why your mattress is sagging, exactly how to solve it through a plywood sheet, and when come splash the end on a new mattress.

So, space you ready to take her bed indigenous bumpy come comfy in under five minutes?

If so, check out on!


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If your springs room damaged, the bed will certainly squeak every time girlfriend move and also there’ll be a remarkable sag. You’ll also see bowing across the base of the frame. The solution is to change the box spring basic (which is frequently cheaper than buying a new mattress) or put temporary support under the mattress.

When must You obtain a brand-new Mattress?

The answer come this inquiry is simple: as soon as plywood and also toppers no longer work! there comes a time as soon as your mattress needs to be replaced. Yes, you can extract a few more years through plywood or toppers, however if sinking right into your bed is much more like sinking right into quicksand, she doing more harm than good.

Buying a mattress can be expensive, but you can’t placed a price top top sleep quality. Studies show that a new, high-quality mattress have the right to improve sleep quality and also reduce ago pain. Unfortunately, many civilization are sleeping on beds that are an ext than nine years old, which way they’re missing out top top these health benefits.

A good mattress can put you earlier $1,000–$5,000, however when you think about the money you’d spend on health worries resulting from negative mattress support – no to mention the results of low mood and diminished occupational performance – it’s precious the cost.


Plywood sheets or planks space a fast and also cost-effective way to deal with a sagging mattress.

All you should do is purchase the wood, put it under your mattress, and also enjoy a good night’s sleep. This process should take much less than five minutes, an especially if you’ve ordered the paper in breakthrough and who is helping you elevator the mattress.

Using plywood enables you come get much more life the end of your mattress before spending a little fortune ~ above a new one. However, sheets or planks are a short-lived solution. As soon as the sag returns, it’s time to upgrade to a brand-new mattress.

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If you execute make a purchase, make sure you balance high quality with price. Yes nothing worse than buying a cheap mattress just to discover that you should pull the end the plywood pink again!

Thank you for reading this guide. If you want to discover other quick fixes, check out the articles below.