fifa 17 loyalty This is a topic the many civilization are looking for. is a channel providing useful information around learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. The will aid you have an overview and heavy multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would choose to introduce to friend QUICKEST way TO acquire LOYALTY IN FIFA 17! ALL loyalty GLITCH EXPERIMENTS!. Complying with along space instructions in the video below: “Chief first a dependable ultimate equals check out my new sponsor playboy s calm. And and if you use my password hebert you acquire yourself ten percent off your order. The video boys. Ns ve acquired everyone and also welcome ago to a brand new video lot online now to carry out what we were act is reflecting you guys the quickest means to obtain loyalty on fifa.

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now what we do is ns m walk to test three different ways to get a faithful team the i understand of and also see. I m sorry one is quickly and also the way to execute it because as you men going to see now on the screen. Everyone on the team currently has loyalty due to the fact that they re every packed pool. Don t play the game for me.

Yet. For this reason what were going to do is us re going to go execute the three different methods. Times the time it take it to execute them by 10 and we ll see exactly how long that takes these methods all in every figuring out which one is the quickest currently there s a bunch of different variables the decide this clearly how rapid the menus room etc. Etc.

but we re just going to go basing off. I beg your pardon one is quickest time by 10 of just how long it take it to carry out it for example. If that takes a 2nd to carry out it times up by 10. The takes 300 seconds.

that s 5 minutes and also then we ll realize the that one to five minutes. And also if one take away 6 minutes. Climate 6 minutes etc. Etc.

So we would watch which one is quicker. And hopefully. This video is advantageous to friend guys and also hopefully going come enjoy currently a couple of things very first of all i m going to do a gaming cabinet video. Due to the fact that loads the people.

Some also asked me to execute gaming set videos or perform one afterwards in the week. And likewise i m walk to do q a. If you walk to mine twitter in the description. And also follow it i ll it is in tweeting out one.

Ask concerns as you men can gain featured in the video. And all that great stuff so without additional ado permit s go began so just to prove come you males at no1 in this groups actually play a game. I ve unable to do the wrong way up and also i understand hang top top so it s this means no one in this team has actually played a game. I m walk to walk from the striker.


The left made right made striker appropriate bid. No one s playing a video game so likely to prove the everyone s top top zero games. And then the following next time we see they ll it is in on one game. Just sort that prove come you i m doing even though you guys already seen anyway just because some reason whenever.

I do videos like this people in the comments favor to call and i don t understand why. However it s half. The reason. Why i don t read my comments anymore anyway therefore the first one is really simply backing out of a normal game going to get in a game.

ns m going come score an very own goal. And also i m going come raise quits. So we re walking to acquire the stopwatch up best now and start the timer as shortly as we click play match. Due to the fact that that s the only fair method today as you guys due to the fact that on there.

us ve acquired the stonewall task click start and also we re going to play match. For this reason the top. The stopwatch has actually started ns m going to stop it assumes we gain mucking come the menus. And that s just how long that s take away to get one game.

Then us ll time the time by 10 so and also i m going to clip. The teaser. Ns m going to go ns m going to display you the entire thing. I see right here youtube fc is what my team is i m no going come cut any type of of this just so you guys can obtain after it and even of just how long it in reality takes today guys don t think ns m biessing.

yet yeah so we re going come go versus this man s guys acquired pretty kind too much liam forward to and also to leo sometime. Your team he s most likely thinking mine team or god this male s walk to fury quit. And also i m gonna have actually to go into a game again. But i ve scored house gold since i m nice like that even though there s some civilization out there that don t score an finish goal.

and you men are the worst civilization in the people nice words civilization out there. However it s so stroked nerves from prefer from someone that experienced. The very first time. It is an extremely irritating.

So us d go ahead a scoreline score quickly and also as shortly as the sphere hits about oliver posesthe s sake. I believed the round was getting earlier to the network brilliant. It s walk to take a little bit longer i necessary to duct 5 secs or so from the in its entirety time just because it s a small bit and also say if i don t please simply score a goal. Ns m walk to ns m going come deduct 10 seconds.


due to the fact that i ve it due to the fact that i in reality it to score a score you if here fuck s sake jesus cry to understand why it took so long. Yet i lived it increase 10 seconds. As soon as what the took there just because that about 10 secs of the was me being an idiot giving idiot a edge not realizing i want to score an very own goal so us re in the food selection gonna click avoid i took over one a minute and also 40 seconds take far 10 so the s because a minute a heart. For this reason that are 90 seconds.

So that all in every is 900 seconds. Which is 15 minutes. I desire to say yes so 15 minutes. It take it is to to do ten games.

Blacking out it does not seem choose a whole lot the time law one minute in ~ a time. But think me does therefore 15 minutes room going to be full backing out of games normally i m going to view which one is quicker now bearing in mental the disadvantage of that one also is the puts a lose on her record. Therefore if friend care about your record die is a bad one to perform okay so the following one deserve to be complicated the team of the week. Ns m going to begin the stopwatch now and also we space going to walk from this screen.

Here. So 3 two one bang alright permit s go amateur. Listen. If you men are going.

as quick. As you possibly have the right to as well. The yes. So us re walking to walk here and also see just how long it takes it to execute this one.

This is wherein you enter a video game you happen the ball once and then girlfriend quit the game via the xbox menu. I do not know girlfriend did together a playstation. Yet i m sure you guys already know and also if you do not then as with watch a video clip on the or something. Yet yes therefore if the menus want to be rapid here us pass the ball below go prefer that bang walk here discover fifa and also quit the video game there and then we go earlier to the dashboard and also we re open it earlier up again as with so so us are at this time out 42 seconds.

and also we ll see just how long the takes united state to load up the game and also get earlier into the menus. Since this one appears a little bit quicker than last. One currently bearing in mind to be my error that ns obviously require 10 seconds to the last one. However yeah so we ll check out we ll see how long this bring away so us are right now up 58 seconds.

It take it a 16 secs for friend to start loading up. Really my mine xbox is quite fast or in ~ least. I think it is for this reason if you guys have got slow xboxes and also god forbid. However this is prefer really long you shouldn t take this long to load up a bloody game.


however it simply does it simply does take choose 30 40 seconds simply to acquire to this component of the menu. I believed this game was intended to be fast as well. Yet i median it s not my it s not my location to execute jesus. So we are we re almost at the moment it took to do the other one and also we are right now just collecting simply connecting come the servers.

This is brilliant this is certain brilliant. Therefore yeah us are at this time now the key menu. We room going to enter ultimate team and then us ll protect against it as quickly as we obtain into ultimate team. And also that is how long it would take for this reason yeah.

We are going to protect against it in just a 2nd hello hello. There we go bang. We stopped it that took us 1 minute. And also 50 seconds.

be affected by each other in mind. I m rounding up it up one minute 51. Oh point nine two. But i m round off it all up anyway for this reason it took one minute 50 seconds.

that is actually cleared up as a hundred and also twelve secs times increase by 10 is 1120 seconds. And also i m act this every in my head. So i m sorry if i messed this increase that functions out in ~ near sufficient i desire to to speak 17 minutes. I do not know i m going to quickly.

Hey siri open calculator. I deserve to have a good calculator top top this because that some factor so we functioned as 1120 seconds. Split by sixty equals eighteen allude six minutes. So that one took three allude six minutes much more than the critical one did therefore 186.

for the simply backing out of quitting altima team. And also you don t get shed on the document for that one for this reason the last one is one i ve currently made a video clip about and also we re gaining to it just a 2nd all right choose so favor the critical one. I m walking to obtain the stopwatch up currently we ve got a clean stopwatch up and we are all set to walk in so us re going come click right currently start and also we re gone. For this reason this is every that i ve already made a video practice wherein you sign out of your account.

climate you go back into it and also you re on the menus currently so favor i claimed last time is pretty similar to the last one choose the team that the week. One and i do not know if there s any method to make this component any quicker. I think it s the very same a same tire or and and if this part didn t. Exist.


climate it d be a lot quicker. Allow me say that for free. So we are right into the game. Now like the critical one we have to wait until the sphere it kicks.

There us go and also then us go over here we sign out of ours account. The s going to then in the background. It s going come say that us ve been disconnected me eight servers us ve signed earlier into our account us click a as soon as we get into our carnac bring away a tiny bit that time us click a ok and then we load up into the main menu then us go back into the ea servers and also we see truly if this person quit. Now.

This it looks quite fast to me like this bots. Quick. Then this one looks really quick come me so we ll see simply how fast it really is because the last one didn t it seems ~ as fast as this one this one seems an extremely very quick. For this reason we space going into the ea servers and also the college student one the key menu.

us re walking to stop a stopwatch here and also we are still going in and also boom. One minute and 12 seconds. That functions out at around 72 seconds. Which is 720 secs after 10 at times of doing that which is 12 minutes.

ns think 720 that is the s 12 minute wow okay 12 minute it literally took 12 minute to do this boys that is 3 minutes much less than the end of games and also saves your record as well and also it s 6 minutes less than the end of the whole quitting time application and load it ago up currently this is every on xbox if girlfriend re on playstation might be different. But that seems choose the quickest method to carry out it currently if you males have any kind of other methods of gaining loyalty then be sure to let me know now simply to prove to you men that all three of those games counted on anyone s records as girlfriend see now i store i keep pressing the wrong one anyone s played a game. Anyone s playing a game. Now.

everyone s on 3 games. Apart from gligar carry out i save some eating going on everyone s play a game now boys. So the is the quickest means to do it. If girlfriend guys discovered this video.

Useful. But leave a like down below subscribe guys and also around here hopefully. This conserves you a bunch that time doing commitment thank you because that watch this video boys and also i ll view ” ..

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