Once you have at least 20,000 souls friend can discover the tower behind the Firelink Shrine for some good loot!


Head up the stairs to the left the the tree and turn roughly to see an item corpse on the rooftop. Relying on your load it is possible to make the jump onto the roof, however if you have the Tower key (bought for 20,000 souls from the Shrine Handmaid), there’s a lot easier means to obtain to the article corpse (which only holds 3 Homeward Bones).

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If you have actually the Tower Key, open up the gate and head increase the stairs. As soon as you with the top, head across the bridge. About halfway across there’s a broken section the bridge that enables you to move down slightly. From right here you have the right to drop down to the height of the stone support pillar and move safely down to the roof below.


Head to the prompt left and knock under the ladder so you have an much easier time accessing this area in the future. In the center of the roof is a colony where you deserve to trade items through a hidden crow in exchange for other items. Because that a complete table of every the items you can leave and what you"ll obtain in return, inspect out ours crow"s swarm item exchange chart.

For now head over to the item you saw prior to to collect 3 Homeward Bones. Continue along the roof until you drop down to the balcony running follow me the top of the shrine. To the ideal is a staircase leading right into the Firelink Shrine.


Head increase the stairs and carefully move throughout the rafters come the item corpse. Collect the Estus Shard, then revolve around and also head down the rafter come the left (opposite the way you came in). Once you reach the end assault the wall surface to reveal a hidden path. Relocate to the end of this path and drop down to uncover a chest come the much right the holds a Covetous silver Serpent Ring (which offers you more souls as soon as you loss enemies).



Drop down to the shrine below and also head earlier to the tower entrance. Proceed up the stair again, yet this time go all the method across the bridge and into the nearby structure. Take the lift on the far side and head increase the stairs to the right as soon as you with the top. When you deserve to move left follow me the small edge of the balcony, there’s nothing come be found aside indigenous a nice view.

Collect the Fire goalkeeper Soul native under the bell. When you give this item come the Fire goalkeeper she will gain the ability to eliminate your Dark Sigils and also reverse her Hollowing. However, if you want to get the ideal ending it’s in your best interests no to do this.

Head back down to discover that the door has been locked. Unbreakable Patches is top top the various other side that the door and also taunts at her predicament if girlfriend speak with him. Move back out onto the leg here and look down to find an object on one side and a small platform ~ above the other.


If you take a opportunity to collect the article on the various other side the the bridge, you will need a many of wellness to do it come the bottom safely. However, for your troubles girlfriend will find the Fire keeper Robe, Fire goalkeeper Gloves and Fire goalkeeper Skirt. If you took the more secure route, usage the small platforms native safely drop under to the bottom. You will still take some damage so make sure your health is full.

At the bottom there’s things corpse that holds one Estus Ring. Head the end the surrounding gate and defeat swordsman right here if friend haven’t already. The drops the Uchigatana weapon, Master’s Attire and Master’s Gloves. You’re no just external the main entrance to the Firelink Shrine. Head down the stairs and also circle about to the entrance, then head back up come the top floor, past the window-like archways and around the edge at the finish to uncover Unbreakable Patches again. Speak with Patches and choose to forgive him if you desire to retain his services as a seller in Firelink Shrine.

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If you pardon Patches, accessibility a bonfire and come earlier to this clues to find him in a squatting position. If you try to speak with him you will certainly earn the Patches Squat gesture. If you haven’t already you should purchase the Pierce Shield (3,000), Catarina Helm (3,500 souls), Catarina Armor (4,500 souls), Catarina Gauntlets (3,500 souls) and Catarina Leggings (3,500 souls) and also give them come Siegward the Catarina in the well close to the Cleansing Chapel bonfire in the Cathedral of the Deep area. If you’re no too far in the game and also you talked to Siegward in the Undead Settlement, he should be waiting there because that you.

Head back to ours Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and also guide to figure out i m sorry area you want to traverse next!