Nothing is worse because that a baseball player than a hitting slump. Most players have actually encountered them at once or another and also sometimes they it seems to be ~ to last forever. I’ve viewed hitting slumps make players battered before…that’s exactly how frustrating lock are.

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When a player is in a slump, they commonly have people from every angle informing them what come do. “Be patient”, “Load early”, “Stay ago on it”, and many more things are referred to as out to batters once they’re in the box. Coaches, parents, and other players, every well-meaning, give them directions and also it can cause players to overthink their at bats.


Slumps deserve to take different forms. Periodically players are striking out constantly, others room popping the ball up, and also then others simply ground out. We want to it is in hitting line drives and also dingers, so everything is going on needs to be straightened out.


Before friend decide that you room in a slump, there room a couple of things to consider. First off, room you totally healthy? Batting waver mechanics use every little thing from her toes to your head therefore if miscellaneous is strained or sore, you can be having actually problems because of that one thing. Make sure you are stretching really well prior to games and practices, and also getting enough exercise to stay strong.


Secondly, have actually you moved up a department or began using a heavier bat? If you have actually moved up, you might be facing more effective and faster pitchers so you may not necessarily be in a slump, yet you may have to work ~ above adjusting her swing to the brand-new pitching.


I have two guys that have actually gone with slumps and also each time they to be able to work-related their method out that them. Most experts believe that hitting slumps are led to by a mental change, not a physics one. That could be true, yet it could additionally be true the something physical has readjusted slightly to reason the slump therefore you must correct it.


Here space 3 particular physical points to try if you are in a hitting slump:

Get your foot under earlier

If you action with your front foot in ~ the exact same time you are swinging, there is no power in it. A batter should get his foot down a little before that is going come swing to allow the mechanics to take place. Also, many players who action right once they room swinging have tendency to put their load forward on your front let and aren’t maybe to usage their hips to explode.

Keep her head down

Many batters have actually a propensity to lug their top up as soon as they room swinging. Her eyes have to be concentrated on the ball and also your head should stay in that place until friend are practically finished with your swing. Keeping your head locked down will help you to avoid lifting up and topping the ball.

Don’t drop your shoulder

Dropping the shoulder reasons a batter to constantly popular music up. A batter will actually lean over toward the plate when this happens and they gain under the ball. Emphasis on maintaining your earlier shoulder level together you swing.



There are numerous things, physical and mental, the you can work on to get over a hitting slump, yet having details things to emphasis on help a batter to no overthink his swing. Shot focusing on simply one of these at first and watch if that helps. It goes without saying the you need to be going to the batting cages and doing soft toss practice. Often, no matter exactly how much you work on it, you can’t seem to get out the the slump. Being continuous with her mechanics is an extremely important and also developing an excellent technique is key.

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Perhaps if she superstitious or believe in luck, you might put you yourself in a dryer to “get hot” like Dave Concepcion walk in 1976 once he played for the Cincinnati Reds. Whatever works, ns guess.


Check the end this example of a beautiful totter from one of the best hitters of all time, Mike Trout. Just imitate every little thing he does and you will certainly be a good hitter.