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Successfully finish the suggested task come unlock the equivalent form(s):Future at sight Saiyan: Successfully finish the "Unknown History" an enig mission come unlock the Future at sight Saiyan transformation.Giant: together a Namekian, visit Guru"s house at Level 35. Speak come Piccolo, climate Nail, then Dende, then Piccolo again to begin a struggle that will unlock the large form. This type drains stamina, but makes you giant and also gives distinctive moves. It is really powerful, but the damage inflicted come you will reflect in her stamina together opposed to her health; when stamina is depleted, the type drops and you will be left in stamina rest status.Golden: together a Frieza, finish the Frieza faction by training on Frieza"s Spaceship through Zarbon, then Ginyu, then gold Frieza, and also finally Meta-Cooler to unlock the gold form. To enter Frieza"s Spaceship, reach Level 20 and give Appule a Med-Mix Capsule. The Golden kind provides an increase to Ki blasts and speed, and also changes the nature of traditional Ki blasts. Note: Level 57 is the minimum necessity for the Golden kind for the Frieza race.Kaioken: ~ the Saiyan Saga, successfully complete Parallel search 08: "Invade Earth" to potentially unlock the Kaioken transformation. The mission requires you to defeat enemies while Nappa survives (Ultimate complete required). You will certainly then fight revitalized Goku. The will usage the Kaioken transformation. Loss him to have actually a opportunity of unlocking the Kaioken transformation. If you perform not obtain it, store completing the mission until you obtain it. That may also not unlock till you have evolved further in the game, past the Future Saga. Friend may likewise have to grasp the skill before it unlocks. Kaioken levels are based on your Ki levels. One energy bar is regular Kaioken, 3 bars is x3 Kaioken, and 5 bars is x20 Kaioken. This change will drain your stamina -- in ~ x20 it will drain very quickly. This makes both your normal and Ki attacks stronger.Potential Unleashed: happen all five breakthrough tests v a "Z" location to unlock an additional advancement test. Finish that development test to obtain the Potential Unleashed form. The revolution costs 5 Ki bars come use.Power Pole Pro: as a human, progress through the Hercule faction through speaking v Saiyaman (do no worry about Hercule himself). Ultimately he will sell you a pursuit to unlock the power Pole agree form. This form has lengthy reach, recovers stamina also while moving, and permits for guarding while moving.Purification: as a Majin, development through the Buu faction till he has actually three kids to gain the Purification form. This type transforms you right into Kid Buu, overriding your moves and stats, while additionally draining stamina. The is encourage to usage the Potential Unleashed kind instead.Super Saiyan ("Awoken" skill): Successfully finish some story missions and also reach Level 30 to unlock an occasion at the Capsule Corp time rift through Vegeta. As a Saiyan, complete the sparing mission with Vegeta. Complete some more story missions until you reach Level 40 and unlock the kid Buu fight story mission. After defeating Kid Buu, while son ogong is charging his soul bomb, there will certainly be another event v Vegeta at Capsule Corporation. Complete the mission through Vegeta, then talk to Bulma, then Trunks, then go back to Vegeta because that the final fight between Goku, Vegeta, and also your character. They will certainly then teach friend the "Awoken" skill, enabling you to use Super Saiyan, supervisor Saiyan 2, and also Super Saiyan 3.Super Vegeta: Unlock at sight Saiyan, climate reach Level 60. Girlfriend will get a an alert about a new mission at Capsule Corporation. Go there and also talk to Vegeta. You will have to defeat super Saiyan God Vegeta come unlock the supervisor Vegeta 1 and Super Vegeta 2 forms.

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