Hey guys. I just got ago into the game after 5 years. Alot have adjusted and i"d prefer to recognize if over there are any type of requeriments to buy via profession the rhino prime (already build). I have mastery rank lvl 4.

Also, feel complimentary to suggest any type of youtube guides for people that are coming back to the game. I have actually lost every my frames and also weapons (already perfect the Vor Quest). Probably i had another account and also cant remember.

Anyways, many thanks for the help!

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1st problem: constructed primes not tradeable (actually all intend Baro items)

you can find all provides here: https://tacoemojishirt.com.market/items/rhino_prime_set

2nd. If you look for advice you can read with my WIP (starter) guide


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Oh, ok. For this reason what would certainly be the best method to obtain it? ns dont have actually much time come grind alot of stuff so it is why i usually pick the plat course