I have actually been making use of Mobile heavy steam app and also got authenticated because January, ~ the brand-new updates on system "March 9", ns am obtaining trade holds because that 15 days, but I knew i am currently mobile authenticated since Jan. On in march 10 or 11, i tried to remove and also re-authenticated on vapor app, guessing i need to ,because the the update. After weeks and also up to now, i am still obtaining trade host for 15 days.

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I looked on forums and reddit around this.I gained this. "activate both options "Trade confirmations" and "Community sector confirmations".but i don"t have this options on mine privacy settings both on mine Chrome browser, steam customer and steam app. Ns can"t uncover anything around this.

I confirm offer listings and trades on steam mobile app.

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asked Mar 17 "16 at 6:36

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The first thing you should do is verify that without doubt you have steam Guard (Mobile Authenticator) allowed by clicking your name then "Account Details" and scrolling come "Account Security".

It must look something prefer this:


This way that her Mobile Authenticator is effectively activated.

However to stop trade hold you require to have the mobile Authenticator energetic for 7 days straight. Due to the fact that you stated removing your Mobile Authenticator on march the 10th or 11th climate you should have actually your profession holds removed March the 17th or 18th.

Additionally save in mind that it"s relatively easy to remove your mobile Authenticator top top the app itself. I"ve in reality accidentally gotten rid of it when by logging the end of the App.

More information deserve to be discovered here and here.

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answered Mar 17 "16 in ~ 10:02

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I had actually the same worry as well. My difficulty was the confirmations on mine mobile authenticator to be being sent out to mine email attend to instead of my phone. Friend can readjust that on your phone through the Mobile safety settings, and set it to have confirmations sent out to her phone. After ~ you execute that, eliminate the listing the the item you desire to sell and also then put it ago up. You will then have a confirmation sent out to your phone and also you can create the listing there and there will certainly not it is in anything placed on hold.

This is how it worked for me, and also I expect it does the very same for you.

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answered Apr 7 "16 in ~ 23:03

Mathieu Dominic AspelMathieu Dominic Aspel
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