The ocean people of Subnautica is harsh and also unforgiving, so make use of this guide to quickly locate Stalker this without getting a nasty bite.

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Subnautica Stalker this Guide
Subnautica is an indie game that takes players deep under the sea that a secret planet. Beginning with almost nothing, the key character Ryley Robinson need to survive using only what deserve to be discovered beneath the waves. That the many resources available in Subnautica, Stalker teeth are helpful but no necessarily simple to locate. Monitor this overview to find out some handy techniques for gathering teeth.

together one might assume, the material originates from a creature known as the Stalker. That the creatures discovered on world 4546B, Stalkers room not extremely dangerous yet do pose some hazard in the at an early stage game. Due to the fact that they deserve to be uncovered rather conveniently in the beginning area, for sure Shallows, collecting the this is miscellaneous that can be done from the get-go. In enhancement to Subnautica"s hidden features, there are a variety of various methods to get teeth, ranging from passive come aggressive.

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If just start the game and also looking for some Stalker Teeth, the stealthier approach will be much more ideal. Interestingly enough, these shark-like creatures room attracted to Titanium or metal Salvage items. Players can uncover salvage approximately the starting area, shipwrecks, and also mobile automobile bay locations. Collection a heap of scrap metal and also locate a Stalker what in the safe Shallows. Drop around 3 pieces of metal adjacent the Stalker"s hideout and also lie in wait at a an excellent distance. The Stalker will swim towards the salvage and also when it picks up the metal it can leave a tooth behind.

Underwater exploration
By leaving multiple piles approximately a solitary Stalker, it have the right to swim around to each multiple times and potentially leave an ext than one tooth. Players will certainly unlock other tools choose Camera Drones, a Seamoth submarine, and an armored Prawn Suit. When any kind of of these acquire near a Stalker, that will become aggressive and slam into the machine. However, this action can cause the fish to leave behind a this too.

there are also some methods that are a bit much more outwardly harmful come the Stalker, however can yield results. Shooting objects at the creature utilizing the Propulsion Cannon or deliberately crash right into it through the Prawn fit or Seamoth. A pair of access time in this fashion will finish off the beast, but a tooth deserve to drop together a reward. This deserve to be useful if the peaceful technique is no working fast enough. Though, utilizing the Grav catch can likewise keep the Stalker close to the metal Salvage if body slamming fish is not a player"s favorite method.

save in mind, just a certain variety of teeth have the right to spawn in an area at one time. If nothing is appearing, shot swimming around and finding any teeth. If having trouble locating the item, use Subnautica agree tips prefer waiting until nightfall and also using the flashlight to uncover the pieces. When unlocking the Scanner Room, players can use the to find teeth in the area as well. Built up teeth deserve to then be used for Enameled Glass or together Bioreactor Energy.

Subnautica is available on Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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