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Shadows of Evil sword Guide

The Ullamargor Zortuk sword in Shadows of evil is an elemental sword that is similar to the Staves that were introduced in Black Ops 2: Origins. There space fewer steps connected in unlocking the sword, yet it deserve to be a an overwhelming task. It is much easier to complete the actions in beforehand rounds.

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1. Discover the Symbols

The very first step is to uncover the three symbols essential to unlock the enntrance gate to the egg. The symbols have the right to be discovered by taking the train and watching out the window. Each symbol is inside a home window of miscellaneous buildings. The symbols space bright red, which provides them simpler to see.


The symbols room bright red, and will include a collection of arrows, i beg your pardon always point to the right.You have the right to use the maps uncovered on the walls to find the train location.You will have to take the train multiple time to find all three symbols.

2. Get the Egg

After finding all three symbols, you will need to go come the subway station. It deserve to be uncovered by taking any kind of of the 3 rifts. The symbols deserve to only be seen and also activated if in Beast Mode, castle are across from the subway station statue the is necessary in the following step. There is a blue orb close to the symbols, which can be supplied to enter Beast Mode.

Return come human kind and go ago to the area whereby the symbols were located. Over there will currently be an opening wherein all 4 swords are visible, through eggs listed below each sword. Choose up one egg by draw close this area and holding your action button.


You deserve to use the same Beast setting to activate the symbols and also open the statue.You will have to be in person Mode to pick up the egg.Each player in the game will need to pick up their own egg.

3. Fee the Egg

In bespeak to fee the egg, you will first need to locate all 4 statues. Lock are concealed in large crates, which have the right to only be opened up in Beast Mode. The ar for every statue is noted below and includes a picture with the statue place marked. The statues deserve to be opened before acquiring the egg.


Each player in the video game will should charge your egg at all 4 statues.More than one player have the right to charge an egg at the exact same statue, yet only the zombie they kill will count.The egg will certainly glow blue and make a sound as soon as it is finished charging.

Steps for Charging the Eggs:

When in Beast Mode, usage your melee strike to the crate.Approach the statue and also press your action button to place your egg.Kill zombies near the statue. A blue light will leave the zombie and enter the egg if you room close enough. Each statue will absorb 12 zombies.Repeat measures 1–3 because that all 4 statues.

Subway terminal Staff

The subway station deserve to be discovered by taking any type of of the 3 rifts and has an entrance from Junction that must very first be opened up in Beast Mode. The crate is located in the center of the room, alongside a subway car. That is close to the symbols and a blue orb. The is top top the exact same floor together Widows Wine and the enntrance gate to Pack-A-Punch.


Canal ar Statue

The Canal ar statue is beside the ruby rabbit, which is one of the routine buildings. It is in a tight area across from a bridge and next to a blue orb. Friend can find it ~ above the very same side the the canal as the train entrance.

Footlight ar Statue

The Footlight district statue is top top the soil floor, near the entrance to Footlight High Street. The is near a gumball device and a blue orb. The is marked in the photo below v a eco-friendly arrow.

Waterfront ar Statue

The statue in Waterfront district is situated on Waterfront High Street. It is previous the feasible Juggernog location. When charging the egg in this location, that is ideal to open up the door in order to have actually an escape route.

4. Retrieve the Sword

You have the right to retrieve your sword after pour it until it is full the egg in ~ all 4 statues. The knife is in the same area that you opened using the symbols.

Retrieving the knife Steps:

Approach the knife area and also press and hold your activity button to ar the egg.Press and also hold your action button again to choose up the egg.

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Other advantageous Information

The sword has two attacks: The an initial is a continuous melee attack, and also the second is one area attack.The sword have the right to be upgraded.The sword is essential in bespeak to complete the Easter egg.


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