NameType(s)Location (Rate)
SmoochumIce/PsychicWalking all over (30%)
JynxIce/PsychicSOS native Smoochum
HappinyNormalSOS native Smoochum
PsyduckWaterWalking anywhere (30%)
ZubatPoison/FlyingWalking almost everywhere (20%)
DelibirdIce/FlyingWalking anywhere (20%)

This cavern found off the beaten track was very easily missed in Pokémon Sun and Moon, for this reason it’s pretty the game basically tells you where it is now. The other difference lies in the Pokémon inside, who lean much more towards the ice side. Anyway, ~ getting earlier up on your feet, seize the Escape Rope lied just over the entrance.

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That have to be beneficial for when you get lost in a cave, choose this one. Now, it’s time to proceed your find for the lacking Nebby. Thankfully, the small thing is waiting for you simply a couple of paces come the south. That’s not the only thing waiting for friend though–as the members of the Ultra Recon formation have pertained to test her mettle!

Ultra Recon squad Dulse/Soliera¶


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This poodle can be picked up approximately Hau’oli City. It’s a Normal-type, so Fighting-types will have straightforward time. Simply be mindful of its hair Coat, i m sorry weakens the damages of physical attacks. It may also use Baby-Doll eyes to preemptively reduced your Pokémon’s Attack, further reducing their damages output.

After offering the Ultra Recon squad a present of your strength, they will certainly depart in peace, allowing you to escort Nebby ago to safety. Before that though, girlfriend could take into consideration exploring the remainder of the cave. Or you deserve to opt come come earlier here later, after things have actually settled–if so, be sure to psychic this page!

Once you’ve made decision to continue, head west along the cavern, around the adjacent rock. Come the left next of the absent is a Heal Ball the you can pick up. There’s no means to continue past here right now, for this reason head in the contrary direction: east. Go down the slope, climate leap over the ledge to the right and the one after it.

After landing, head north follow me the brief tunnel and grab the Expert Belt in the corner. Return south and also leap end the staying ledges in the direction of the right. Previous the final ledge, you’ll arrive at the exit. By the way, if you leave here and use the escape Rope, you’ll just end up ago here, fairly than the meadow.

Still, the can’t be helped, so just departure to the eastern when ready. Over there is a bit more of the cavern to explore, yet we’ll be coming earlier here soon, don’t worry.

Smoochum is a infant Ice and Psychic-type that evolves into the infamous Jynx. If you’re desperate for an Ice-type, it’s not a bad choice–but prefer ice itself, it’s poor at receiving physics hits. Delibird is the various other Ice-type and also frankly rather underwhelming; it additionally only learns 2 moves excluding TMs.

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Finally there’s the stunner Psyduck, which deserve to evolve right into the kappa wannabe, Golduck. Stat-wise, it’s a jack of all trades and also master that none. It likewise really wishes it were a Psychic-type, yet alas it’s simply a pretender. ~ above the plus side, the Cloud Nine capacity is nice because that disabling one opponent’s weather.