This is a walkthrough for Wayward Cave, including what Pokémon you deserve to encounter and items you deserve to find.

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As shortly as you get in the Wayward Cave, you’ll discover it’s pitch black inside. Come proceed, we very recommend having actually a Pokémon usage Flash. You have the right to teach flash via TM70 Flash, derived from the basement that Oreburgh gate or through purchasing it from the 3rd floor that the Veilstone City room Store.

Secret Entrance¶

Besides the apparent main entrance, located to the ideal of the cycle road, there’s a concealed entrance underneath the road. Native the key entrance, walk south a bit until you’re near the northernmost tree. Then walk west underneath the road. Just prior to you emerge from the road, walk north while underneath the road.

This concealed entrance will lead you to a small, isolated area through stairs causing the basement the the cave. However, to get to the stairs, you must use HM Strength to press aside the boulders.

Pokémon Trainer Mira (Ally)¶

Oops, how did Mira get in right here in the very first place? (left), Mira will help with Kadabra during battles. (right)

When you reach the north-eastern edge of the very first floor, you’ll tag together with Mira, a small girl who’s lost. While Mira is present, all wild Pokémon meet will function two Pokémon at once, with Mira assisting as Player 2. Likewise, Mira will help as Player 2 during dual Battles with various other trainers.

As an extra bonus, Mira will fully restore your party after ~ every solitary fight. So this is a an excellent chance for part hardcore training! Mira will certainly permanently leave once you reach the entrance of the cave. You cannot use Escape Rope if Mira is present.


Map (1F)¶

PotionNear the center. Hidden among the rocks east from the 2nd breakable boulder.
Super PotionHidden among the rocks listed below Hiker Reginald and also Lorenzo.
TM32 twin TeamTowards the south-west. Past Lass Cassidy and also Youngster Wayne.
Rare CandyTowards the north-west. Previous Camper Diego and also Picnicker Tori.
Escape RopeMiddle of the path, after ~ heading east, then southern along the northernmost path.
Burn HealTowards the east. Hidden among the rocks previous Picnicker Ana and Camper Parker.
PotionHidden amongst the rocks southern from the junction resulting in Picnicker Ana and also Camper Parker.
Tiny MushroomTowards the south-east. Hidden amongst the rocks past Collector Terry and Ruin insane Gerald.
NuggetTowards the north-east. Hidden among the rocks below Mina.
TM26 EarthquakeIn secluded room obtainable by going v the basement.

The following trainers are all group in pairs. Eg. Hiker Reginald is paired through Hiker Lorenzo. If you walk in-between them, you’ll create a twin Battle, whereby you’ll face off against both trainers in ~ once.

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Otherwise, if friend speak come the trainers individually, you can fight them solo in solitary Battles.