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The garden is the second location you deserve to unlock to broaden your home. The garden area in beloved Home costs 3,000 "love" and once you have purchased it you can start attracting visitors by decorating it, this method adding plants, trees, stumps, tents, and also the various other items in the shop that are connected with the garden. This how to lure Visitors to the Garden guide will tell you everything you have to know about acquiring the pet characters that show up in the lounge and also garden when you decorate your home.In Adorable home the different items you acquisition in the shop because that the garden will lure a specific "visitor", which is the term provided in the game that describes the animal characters. Instances of this space placing a bird shelter and also nest in your garden to lure the bird characters and also a pond to attract water-type personalities such as a frog. Keep adding different decorate items to her garden to attract all the different characters in the game. You can interact with the visitors you lure to her garden by tapping ~ above them, this is worthwhile law as occasionally they will offer you "love". If you are playing Adorable house at night time and you are in the garden you can tap the fireflies anytime they appear to have actually a possibility of gaining 10 come 20 "love". Detailed below are the tourists you have the right to attract:- Jenny (rabbit)- Ed (frog)- Honey (bees)- Coco (raccoon)- Yuki (Shiba Inu)- Rosy (butterflies)- Barney (walrus)- Ivory (fox)- Brownie (bear)- Peter (hedgehog)- Mira (deer)- Lela (sandhill crane)- Flame (flamingo)- Fiona (swan)- Willy (toucan)- Bobo (koala)- Eddy (seagull)- Yoyo (ferret)- Emily (Scottish fold)- Kaka (crab)- Nimo (hamster)- Hank (dog- Bobby (poodle)Placing the decorative items you acquisition at the shop in your garden is simple. Just tap the "home" icon on the bottom-right side of the display screen followed by "mine".

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Then pick "Garden" and also tap top top the article you desire to ar in the garden and also choose an empty place. Items deserve to be conveniently replaced the same way you would furniture in the lounge.Take a look in ~ our arrangement Ahead before Purchasing Furniture overview to discover out just how to move furniture about in beloved Home.