It is just fair that I elaborate on what a next chick is because that those innocent ones amongst us. Just the way sweet potato fries accompanies steak in ~ a meal, a next chick accompanies a wife or key girlfriend. Currently all girlfriend “mains” (aka wives or key girlfriends) don’t should start elevating your eyebrows at me, i am simply trying to help some sister out. Furthermore if you were doing your job, your man could not have had to resource a side chick (you can shoot me now..haha).

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Okay so very first things first, us all understand being a next chick is not as basic as the sounds and if you desire to it is in a certified side chick you need to know her onions. To aid you in your craft, ns am going to provide you ten methods to succeed in your role so stay glued. And for those “mains”, this will certainly serve as a sneak emergence into just how that various other woman has actually a host on your man.


We obtain it, every girls need some same amount the attention but no dear, you cannot demand the type of attention he offers his wife/main bae together the situation may be. Give him space! go out v your girlfriends, go to the movies, bag one more man, save busy. Do not for one second think that he will certainly come running every second you require him. If you know that, climate you would save yourself the cash girlfriend would have actually wasted on pain killers and therapy sessions when he doesn’t call for days because he is celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary with his wife and also kids.


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3) AVOID having THE “TALK”

Yes I know things can gain pretty heated and you are catching feelings, work dreaming the paradise; thinking you’re the ‘main’ girlfriend the you well recognize you are not. As soon as you feel the urge to have actually the “talk”, DON’T! stop from asking him questions prefer “What room we doing?” or whereby is this going?” Those kinds of questions will push him away fast. My sister, girlfriend know exactly what you are both doing. #AgainKnowYourPlace


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5) always LOOK your BEST

As a next chick, you have to constantly be ~ above point. You room not his “main” so you don’t acquire to hang around him in sweats. stay in shape, don’t get fat and constantly keep up with the latest fashion trends. #ThisIsPreciselyWhatYouWereRecruitedFor


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7) nothing DREAM

Just since he flew you on his exclusive jet come Monaco for a luxurious weekend, you can not start drawing castles in the sky. Don’t obtain dreamy or desperate. Keep your really hopes to yourself and also don’t make him feel you space going to start reading definitions into his ‘I want you”, “I desire to leaving her for you” text. #StayInYourLane 


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Unfortunately, since he is the one having actually the work you have to let him take the lead. If he wants to watch you, he will summon you. This is especially true at night; don’t shot to call or message him late at night or his “main” may see your text and things can go south (I’ve heard of “main” beating up “sides” #RespectYourself)


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Hopefully you can graduate from being the next chick to the “main chick” (if the is without doubt your goal). I have actually heard that part side chicken are an extremely ok through their status and have zero on purpose on changing it #EachToTheirOwn.

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We may all have actually our differing opinions regarding side chicks. One perspective we have to not forget is that some world cannot help who they love and who space we to judge whether or not their feel are appropriate or not.

“YOU CAN’T yes, really UNDERSTAND one more PERSON’S endure UNTIL did you do it WALKED A MILE IN your SHOES.” || PROVERB

What is her opinion on the id of next chicks and perhaps you have some insights you have the right to share?