In people of Warcraft there is a display screen shot function that is assigned to the publish screen crucial by default.

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When ns take screenshots, I like to hide the user user interface by pushing alt + z and then pressing the print screen key to take a screenshot.

The problem with this is the by the moment I"ve pressed alt + z and then pressed the print display key, the point I want to take a screenshot the is often different or no there any more.

What perform I should do to acquire the same impact as pushing alt + z and then the publish screen vital with one vital press? have the right to this it is in done through a macro, or is over there something in there already that does it? I"ve looked through the options, yet I can"t discover anything, possibly I missed it.


Use Autohotkey, you deserve to rebind the print screen switch (or any other button) to an initial send alt+z and then send printscreen.

Something prefer this need to work:

PrintScreen:: Send, Altz sleep, 100 Send, PrintScreen sleep, 100 Send, AltzIf girlfriend are an excellent at using AHK girlfriend could additionally make that so the the alt+z would only be sent out if the emphasis is collection to a human being of Warcraft window. I recommend asking on either ridge Overflow or the Autohotkey forums for aid on including that functionality.



My alt+z goes come nvidia options. However, you deserve to press esc. Walk to your keybinds, look because that it and set it to everything button(s) you would like. Ns did ctrl+u (u - because I"m hiding mine UI).


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