Graphs and charts have a certain look in the Oregon State Brand, and in this indict we show how to develop those in Adobe Illustrator and Indesign.

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Graphs and also charts have actually a specific look in the Oregon State Brand, and in this 10 minute video we talk about how to develop those in Adobe Illustrator and also Indesign:


From Adobe Illustrator:

Select Pie Graph device (under the tower Graph Tool) and make it the size you want.A Data box will certainly appear, enabling you to add your numbers.Close the data box, pick the stroke and also choose ‘None’ together the color.Select the an option Tool (V), click the pie chart and go come Object>Ungroup, speak yes come the dialog crate that appears (this advises you that you will no longer have the ability to edit the data, for this reason make certain your numbers space final). Appropriate click the pie chart and select ‘Ungroup’ again.Select the Ellipse device (under the Rectangle Tool) and from the center of the pie graph click and also hold Shift+Alt and also drag to make her circle indigenous the center. Select the to fill of this circle and change it come white.Edit>Copy the white circle and also Shift+click among the pie shapes. This should have actually the circle and one the the pies selected, v the white one in front.Go come Window>Pathfinder and select ‘Minus Front’ from the shape Mode.Go to Edit>Paste in place (Shift+Ctrl+V). The white circle should have actually pasted in the exact same place as last time.Shift+click on one of the pie shapes and repeat procedures 7 and also 8 until all of the pies have actually been cut.To include gaps, select all of the shapes with the an option Tool and go to Window>Stroke. Select a weight the feels appropriate, and also choose Rounded Corners.With the shape selected, walk to Object>Path>Outline Stroke. Appropriate Click and also Ungroup.Select both the outlined stroke and also the solid inside color and also again select ‘Minus Front’ from the Shape setting in the Pathfinder Window. Repeat for the staying shapes.Change the fill of each of the forms to be the stroke by clicking on the twin arrow beside the Fill and Stroke in the toolbar.Select all and from the punch Window, choose Rounded Corners. Copy the whole shape.

From Adobe InDesign:

Edit>Paste the shape that was made in Adobe Illustrator. Right Click>Ungroup.Select the heat Tool and also draw a heat down v the facility of the circle. Make sure it’s the very same weight as the outlines the the other shapesEdit>Copy the line and also then Edit>Paste in ar (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+V).Hover over the end until the dual arrows appear showing you deserve to rotate it.Hold Shift, click and drag to revolve it 90 degrees. Copy both the lines and also Edit>Paste in Place. Repeat until you’ve make a star with many points and little space between each line.Select the star only and Object>Group.Edit>Cut, pick one the the shapes and also Right Click>Paste Into.Select among the shapes and also go to Window>Swatches.With the stroke selected, pick one that Oregon State’s brand colors.Hover over the shape until a circle appears. Your computer mouse will turn into a hand.

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Click to pick the star form within the container shape.From the Swatches Window, select the same color. Repeat because that each of the shapes.